Shilajit Nut Mylks. Salvation from hunger.

Shilajit and almond nutmylks is a perfect combination.

The etymology of the term ‘Nut Mylk’ is very interesting and has some curious associations in my mind. However, that is neither here nor there; we are present to discuss the magic & savory liquid that is nut mylk. The reason people spell it with a ‘y’ is to indicate that it does not come from a cow, goat, or any other animal. Obviously this has become a wildly popular option in the vegan scene.

Nut mylk comes from virtually any nut or seed, including Brazil nuts, almonds, walnut, pistachios, cashews, and hemp seeds. The process to make nut mylk is fairly simple & straightforward. All you must do is soak your desired nut or seed in water for a few hours, strain, mix with clean water and blend on high for a couple of minutes. Afterward, pour the whole mix through a nut mylk bag, and squeeze out every single precious drop. If you are too weak to get all the juice from the pulp, please do not hesitate someone who actually has muscles; this would probably be someone who takes Pürblack. After all the liquid comes out of the pulp, you should be left with a creamy, frothy nut mylk. The less water you use, the more thick your end product will be.

When combined with mineral-rich Pürblack, nut mylks make a nutrient-dense, easily portable meal on the go. You get all the energetic compounds from the almonds in an easily digestible form; as an added bonus it is not only extremely palatable but also makes you look super badass. As traditionally natives would mix shilajit with raw milk, perhaps the vegans now finally have something with which they can also engage in this sacred ceremony of the ancients.

Nut mylks can be a godsend during a juice fast, as you will most likely be so hungry that your stomach and spine will become very close friends. The point of a cleanse of fast is to give your body a break from having to digest food. Your body takes advantage of the newfound energy to do serious spring cleaning. Pürblack is a distinct addition to any fast, as it boosts energy, enhances detoxification pathways, and balances fasting blood sugar levels. Furthermore, nut mylk is an ideal juice companion as it supplies unique nutrients not usually found in fruits & vegetables, yet your body expends little to no energy to digest it.

Be wary of purchasing pre-made almond & other nut mylks from grocery stores. Usually, what will happen is the manufacturer will be too concerned with profit margins, and only a handful of nuts goes in several gallons of water. Clearly this ratio highly favors the CEO’s bottom line, but not so much the consumer’s health. Your best bet is to spend $10 on a quality nut mylk bag that works especially well for the task at hand.

Another important factor to be aware of is the massive amount of water it takes to grow almonds; 1.1 gallons of water per almond to be precise. The ethics we are speaking of here also apply to shilajit. Pürblack is incredibly healing medicine, but if we do not maintain ethical harvesting and dosing procedures, it will be extinct from the world in our lifetimes. Similarly, each almond must be consciously ingested in the utmost warm vibrations of love & gratitude.