Juicing in the land of Pürblack with Shilajit and Herbs

shilajit and fruits and vegetables for juicing.

Juicing fruits & vegetables is currently one of the biggest trends in the health foods industry. Many peg juicing as elitist while others hail it as a cancer cure. Personally, I lie somewhere betwixt the two. I experience beneficial effects when consuming high-quality juice, yet it is not something I would necessarily go out of my way to acquire (like with the highest quality shilajit, Pürblack even better).

On one side of the spectrum, I can see how juicing could be considered ‘elitist’ as produce is very costly, and the juicing industry uses massive amounts. Many juicers do not squeeze the entirety of the juice from the pulp, resulting in a lot of wasted nutrition. Furthermore, I have worked for several juice bars that made no concerted effort to compost their organic matter.

Many think we should simply eat the vegetables as is, as nature provides us with many substances already in their perfect form. I agree with this to an extent, especially considering the importance of dietary fiber gained from fruits & veggies.

Of course, on the other half of the coin, there is much evidence indicating that juice has a vast array of health benefits. Obese people with gunked up intestinal tracts & colons often must use juice as a last resort; the nutrient-filled liquid may be the only thing that can penetrate through this wall of toxins and into the body. Also, the juice provides much more concentrated levels of various vitamins, minerals, & phytonutrients that in order to obtain otherwise, one would need to consume several pounds of produce.

There are a few types of juice that hold particularly high potential for synergizing with shilajit. These include wheatgrass, cruciferous veggies, as well as ginger & turmeric. Wheatgrass juice claims the following benefits:

  • Stimulates the thyroid gland
  • Detoxifies the liver
  • Increases red blood cell count
  • Cleanses the intestinal tract
  • Oxygenates the blood
  • Relieves the damaging effects of radiation exposure

Cruciferous veggies such as kale, cabbage, & broccoli are very rich in a broad spectrum of potent cancer-fighting, rejuvenating vitamins & minerals. Be careful not to over-do it though, as cruciferous veggies contain compounds known as goitrogens, which interferes with the thyroid’s ability to incorporate iodine. If you already suffer from an underactive thyroid, it is best to avoid cruciferous veggies entirely.

Make sure you are consuming enough selenium [Brazil nuts] and iodine [sea vegetables] to maintain proper thyroid function. Ginger and turmeric make an excellent juice when combined, and serve to enhance digestion, increase blood flow, reduce pain & inflammation, boost mood, and warm the body & spirit. It is clear that combining superior quality Pürblack shilajit with any of these juices would tackle a myriad of health challenges. This is due to the exponentially increased assimilation of nutrients, compounded by the innate regenerative properties of the resin.

For someone who is nutrient/mineral deficient due to various influences such as poor diet, stress, or overconsumption of drugs & alcohol, there may be no solution speedier than Pürblack shilajit & fresh juice.

It is important to either make the juice yourself or know how it is prepared & from where the produce is coming. Getting non-organic juice is a terrible idea, as you’ll voluntarily be consuming a mega-dose of pesticides.

Centrifugal juicers are the most common and make juice by spinning a blade at 3,600 rotations per minute. The intense friction results in a juice that oxidizes very quickly and goes bad within an hour. High-pressure pascalization is a process where one applies massive amounts of pressure to the already bottled juice, theoretically extending its shelf life by eliminating unwanted microorganisms.

Skeptics of the process (including myself) wonder how many beneficial bacteria and nutrients that this technique destroys. Regardless, this type of juice has a shelf life of 30 days. Cold-pressed juice is, in my opinion, the highest quality. This method involves grinding the veggies and squeezing the pulp slowly between two large metal plates. This juice sports a shelf life of 72 hours, and in my experience tastes & feels the most effective. For an extra dose of cool, try adding Pürblack Shilajit Live Resin directly to your fresh homemade juice!