Fad, the crazy, dead hipster diet chronicles. Without shilajit.

shilajit is good for the heart.

I have been pondering a lot lately about various trends in the way people eat. Anything that eliminates any major food groups I tend to look at with skepticism.

Fad diets offer dramatic results but are often not sustainable. These include vegetarianism, veganism, the paleolithic diet, fruitarianism, raw foodism, and 80-10-10. A lot of the time, it seems that the people advocating these diets stand to benefit financially in one way or another. Personally, after reading a book titled The World Peace Diet, as well as being pressured by coworkers at a vegan cafe that employed me, I decided to ‘make the switch’ and stop eating meat.

Unfortunately, at the time, I did not yet know about shilajit or Pürblack, so my sense of self & awareness was not quite as keen. I strongly encourage anyone to experiment with nutrition to consider adding Pürblack to your regimen; it will significantly accelerate the pace at which you develop and progress through trial & error situations.

Up to that point, I’d consumed meat virtually every day for as long as I could remember. I grew up in Oklahoma eating Walmart steak, Vienna sausages, & bologna. Hamburgers were my favorite food up until a few years ago.

For the first few months, I was just a vegetarian, but desiring to take it to the next level became much easier after learning of the widespread horrendous treatment of cows & chickens nationwide. With much pride, I proclaimed myself a born-again vegan.

This shift meant no eggs, no meat, no dairy, and not even honey or bee pollen. I viewed this as a crucial lifestyle change that would not only make me healthier & more beautiful than all my omnivorous cohorts, but also be more environmentally sustainable.

I got entrenched even deeper after reading various books that were ‘written’ by David Wolfe. (Later I came to find that not only was his first work Nature’s First Law very closely resembles Raw Eating by A.T. Hovanessian, I don’t know if ghostwriters wrote much of his supposed literature.)

For a solid couple of years, I had nice brainwashing going on. I was what they call a ‘militant vegan’. I would tell people how a fish caught while struggling doesn’t taste as good due to the presence of fear hormones in the animal’s tissue at the time of death. People were literally ingesting fear, or so I told them.

I would go on to list the massive spectrum of differences between the physiology of homo sapiens vs. that of carnivorous animals. The length of our digestive tract, or how the jaw is hinged to move side to side. This hinging allows us to mash up plants with our molars; carnivores have jaws that go straight up and down, so as to allow enough power to crunch through bones of prey. How would it be possible to catch an animal and kill it with your bare hands? These same hands seem perfectly developed for harvesting & picking fruit.

Concerns about high levels of mercury in tuna, hormones & antibiotics being fed & injected into animals, GMO feed, as well as utterly inhumane conditions contributing to an abundance of pathogenic microorganisms. I’ve even read estimates that state on a meat-eating diet, an acre of land can feed one person while the same amount of land can feed 15 people on a plant-based diet.