Pürscale. Saves time, resin, always proper dose.

Pürscale makes it very convenient to take Pürblack. Pürscale Features: 15-20% resin economy Delivers proper dose consistently Self-dissolves in liquids Makes pills for immediate consumption 80-90% prep time economy Neutralizes smell and taste Reusable for a lifetime with more economical $89 jar Unique to Pürblack, 2 pending patent.

Shilajit Powder

Shilajit powder is the most common for of shilajit counterfeit. Usually make of ground up rock and soil, it will never come close to the quality of genuine shilajit or mumie resin.

Shilajit Fulvic Acid

Shilajit fulvic acid in high quantities, is a myth. Even though it may be beneficial to some extent if comes from a high quality source, the active ingredient in high-quality Shilajit, Mumie, Mineral pitch is always ashless humic acid as carriers of DBPs. Learn the truth.

Shilajit Side Effects

Shilajit that is pure and high quality is rare. It is the most counterfeited supplement on the planet. Side effects come from accumulation of toxins, from counterfeit consumption. Genuine Shilajit is very safe. Beware of fakes and substandard resins, powders and capsules.

Pürblack, Shilajit dosage. For peak health: Use 1-2 times daily, 250-500 mg.

Pürblack Live Resin yields results better than any shilajit or mumie resin conventionally created. It has to do with our unique patent-pending technology. Pürblack retains more nutrients due to a gentle and pristine manufacturing process. Let’s see how to use shilajit in a proper way. There are two keys to success: Consistency and Proper Dosage. …