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You probably heard of shilajit powder, but did you know that powders are widely counterfeited? In this article, we explain the difference between powder and resin, how to spot red flags in a shilajit product and why you should consider the resin type first and foremost for optimum quality and authenticity over a powdered version.

Ever wondered if your pets can take shilajit? You would be surprised to know that many ask us this. From cats to horses, people are asking if their furry pets can take it. In this article, we discuss whether your pets can take shilajit, how much for optimum health complete with doses for big to small pets.

Stressed at work? Anxious? Take Shilajit! Surprised shilajit helps calm down nerves and relieve stress? In this article, we discuss how shilajit supports a healthy stress- response and aids in achieving better, more fulfilling meditation with its calming and focusing benefits.

Does shilajit boost testosterone? This is a common question men ask us and we get it. In Asia, shilajit is a supplement for testosterone. In this article, we discuss shilajit and testosterone and the relationship between the two. We also offer tips on how you can boost your testosterone, naturally along with supplementation.