Prices and Value. Pürblack Live Resin vs. Shilajit.

Price and value, Pürblack shilajit Live Resin


$89 flat for a 30 grams of genuine Pürblack Live Resin in a biophotonic glass jar.

What you get:

You get a jar of genuine Pürblack Live Resin. The jar purchased from our site comes with an individual serial number. Our resin is made from the same raw material as all the highest quality traditional Shilajit or Mumie. The advantage of our Live Resin that it combines all benefits of shilajit and mumie, as well as demonstrates benefits not previously available in traditional shilajit or mumie resins. Pürblack resin due to our unique technology supersedes efficacy of any traditional shilajit – mumie as well as research-grade resins.

You are buying from a reputable American manufacturer. You will never have to wonder if you purchased shilajit that is authentic, potent or legal. You are buying from a company that complies with the law, manufactures the best quality on the planet, understands and knows what shilajit, mumie and mineral pitch is about.

Shipping and Handling:

We do not charge, shipping or handling fees. Our price is honest.

Returns and Refunds:

Returns are only accepted if the jar and the external shipping box is not opened and security seals are intact. There is a 20% restocking fee. If you decided to return your resin, please contact us via the contact us form on the site and include the reason you decided to return the jar.

*Please do not threaten the company with leaving “negative reviews” this will not work. We honor our own policies, fair to our patrons and expect ethical treatment from our customers.

Where we will not sell:

Pürblack will not sell to countries notorious for human rights abuse, intellectual property rights violations, environmental injustice against nature or counterfeiting shilajit, moomiyo or any form of mineral pitch, l. Integrity is more important than profits.

Taxes, Government fees, and customs duties:

Pürblack will do it’s best to deliver the product fast. Nevertheless, we can not be responsible for you for your countries customs duties, government fees, post office fees, or taxes. It is your sole responsibility to settle any financial obligations to your government.

Price comparison vs. other shilajit – moomiyo companies:

BrandPrice per gramPrice per jarVolume (grams)Genuine ResinPublic Lab testComprehensive Lab Test
Authentic Shilajit$5.80$5810gramsyesnono
Pure shilajit$6.05$54590 gramsyesnono
Oriveda$2.90$7325 gramsyesnono
Dragon Herbs$1.08$3330 gramsno (capsule/tablet)nono
Ultimate Superfoods$0.24$1560 gramsno (powdernono
Sunfood$0.39$40100 gramsnonono


Prices overview compiled on December 10th, 2014. Prices and volumes may change.