Pürblack’s Commitment To Transparency

Pürblack Shilajit passes all tests for safety and authenticity.

Pürblack is committed to transparency. We fully disclose the laboratory results which have allowed us to establish the authenticity and safety of Pürblack. Furthermore, we disclose the addresses and contact details of the laboratories that have tested the product, both foreign and domestic, including the date and time the laboratories tested our samples. This practice makes us different from most shilajit and moomiyo manufacturers.

We believe that only superior products, extensively tested, authentic and genuine, should enter the marketplace for human use. This is especially true when it comes to shilajit or moomiyo resins, where over 98% of products on the marketplace are substandard or counterfeit.

We do not believe it is ethical to offer imitation or substandard products, representing them as authentic Shilajit.

Therefore, we call on all our competitors to disclose the following technical information, without reservations:

  • Certificates of analysis, with full address and contact details of the laboratory(s) which performed the testing.
  • Documentation of the pH of a 1% water solution of a shilajit product(s).
  • Documentation of ashes (by mass) not soluble in a 10% solution of HCl.
  • Documentation of percentage of glycine (by mass).
  • Documentation of the total percentage of ashes (by mass).
  • Authenticity testing data.
  • Documentation of the chemical process(es) used to bring the amount of fulvic/humic acids in their product(s) to a level higher than 3%.
  • In the case of powdered product(s) in which fulvic acid content is claimed to be higher than 3%, explanation of the rationale for offering the product in a powdered form.
  • Documentation of the method used to convert the product(s) into powdered form.
  • Documentation of the percentage of “ashless” humic/fulvic acids in the product(s).
  • Documentation of solubility percentage of the product(s).

An affidavit stating that your company does not break US laws and files prior notices with USFDA (United States Food and Drug Administration).