United States Patent and Trademark Office grants a Patent for Pürscale Device.

Pürscale for Shilajit

The United States patent and trademark office grants a patent to Pürblack for Pürscale device on February 27, 2018. The patent number: US9903747B2 is available to view on the website of USPTO (https://goo.gl/XSoRYz) , and on Google patents (https://goo.gl/PVeAhJ). The patent covers multiple variations of the Pürscale device for shilajit. Pürscale works the best with Pürblack live resin shilajit, as well as with any reputable manufacturers shilajit resin. Pürscale is available exclusively from Pürblack.

The benefits of the Pürscale device are:

Self Dissolves Pürblack; Pürscale can be suspended in a glass, jar or mug to passively dissolve your shilajit resin.

Delivers Consistent and Proper Dose; The scale on the device allows to measure a consistent daily dose. There is no guesswork on the size or weight of the resin you need to take.

Saves 80-90 % prep time; No using the cumbersome spoon, no stirring in water, no clumping on the bottom of the glass) Simply scoop the exact amount out, suspend on a drink and let the resin completely dissolve in liquid.

Increased efficacy and bioavailability; Pürscale perfectly dissolves the resin. The dissolved resin covers the much higher surface area, which results in a higher bioavailability and efficiency of the resin.

Improved Taste; Because you are not overusing the resin, the taste of properly dissolved resin and in water becomes mild herbal.

Saves 15-20% of Resin; The scale allows you to measure a precise dose. Our study showed that using Pürscale vs. a Spoon or a Butterknife saves on average 15-20% of the resin. Savings equal to $14-18 for the 89$ jar and $75-100 for the $500 jar.

Reusable for a lifetime; Our patented Pürscale device is made out of a medical grade 316 Stainless Steel, does not corrode, safe to use by humans and pets and will last a lifetime.

Makes pills for immediate consumption; No time to dissolve? Pürscale can make pills from harder resin for immediate use. If the resin is softer due to ambient temperature, you can always bite the measured resin off the Pürscale even without making a pill.