Shilajit Live Resin® by Pürblack™
assists your body in reaching its maximum potential.
Pürblack™ outperforms all conventionally made Shilajit and Mumie
resins in quality and efficacy.


Best results, consume daily

with pure non-chlorinated water.

Method 1

Use the back of a Pürscale to measure and suspend your dose in a beverage.
(3 seconds)

Step A

Dissolve your dose of Pürblack in a beverage.
(5-12 minutes)

Step B

Drink for the fastest bioavailability.
(1 minute)

Step C

Method 2

Use front of Pürscale
to make a pea-sized ball.
(3 seconds)

Step A

Remove make the ball.
(2 seconds)

Step B

Swallow with liquid. (1 second)
Drink additional liquid. (30 seconds)

Step C


Resin too hard

Add Teaspoon of water.
Resin softens in 24 hours.

Resin stuck to the seal

Put in the freezer for 3-8 hours
Peel the seal.

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