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Pürblack the Cannabis-High

Allow us to begin with a disclaimer: We do not promote, endorse, or encourage the consumption of medicinal or recreational cannabis in any way, shape, or form. The following discussion is merely anecdotal evidence based on my seven years of daily use of the plant.

I’d say I had a dark psychological addiction to marijuana for most of the duration of my time with it. I first began consuming it recreationally when I was 18 and had been sober my whole life up to that point (thanks in large part to a Southern Baptist upbringing). My friend and I browsed the internet and decided smoking cannabis didn’t sound nearly as terrible as it was taught to be. My first experience with ganja consisted of my friend & I laughing hysterically for hours at a time and eating tons of frozen pizzas & Mountain Dew. After this experience, I went on to use virtually ever recreational drug known to mankind while my friend pursued a career in politics and never again touched illicit substances. An even more interesting fact is: after experiencing all the drugs I realized that clarity of mind is absolutely the right path to go. I became an inventor and innovator in progressive corporate world. My ultimate mindset is to control any substance around me, and this does include cannabis. Health and sanity are the way of life now.

It is unfortunate that I had to spend the majority of my pot smoking career without high-end shilajit. It enriches the experience so much that it became essential to take a dose of Pürblack Live Resin before partaking in my cannabis ritual. I feel that people typically consume marijuana for one of several reasons:

– Ease emotional stress/tension
– Soothe physical pain & headaches
– Stimulate appetite
– Eliminate nausea/digestive upset
– Escape linear reality
– Promote sleep
– Encourage abstract thought/creativity
– Enhance sex/food/music

In my experience, taking a pea sized serving of Pürblack before smoking would increase the positive, healthier effects while at the same time mitigating unwanted side effects. These include:

– Anxiety/paranoia (the ‘high’ becomes much more grounded)
– Fatigue (if consumed earlier in the day)
– Brain fog
– Lower quality sleep (THC suppresses stage 4 REM sleep)
– Forgetfulness
– Red/glossy eyes
– Irritability
– Coughing/bronchitis
– Lack of motivation
– Cravings for more cannabis

Also, I would need to smoke substantially less to get to my desired level of effects. This immediate effect was also noticeable by several of my friends who would remark how much healthier and elevated they felt, after consuming a relatively minute amount of pot. This reduction in the quantity used results in even further reduced side effects, as well as reduced impact to one’s wallet.

I found edible cannabis to be of particular health promoting value when taken with Pürblack Live Resin, considering THC is a potent bronchodilator. This fact makes oral THC with shilajit a great option for those trying to breathe healthier. Imagine you must choose one of the following options: The first is a highly purified resin comprised of many years old fermented plants & microorganisms, taken alongside another plant with a several thousand-year track record of safety.

Doctors prescribe medical cannabis for a broad range of ailments these days, and it is a very controversial issue. Smoked THC is not without its drawbacks, and ultimately we feel that every individual who uses cannabis out of necessity would benefit greatly from adding Pürblack Live Resin to your weed routine. Not only does Pürblack rejuvenate your entire mind & body in and of itself, but the ability to function optimally while consuming less cannabis has potentially massive ramifications for people everywhere.

Personally, I stopped consuming cannabis due to all of the side effects mentioned above. Although Pürblack did assist greatly in reducing the severity of the suffering accrued by my abuse of this sacred plant, I could still feel I was not operating at 100% of my capacity. I stumbled into some life-changing opportunities that deserved the entirety of my attention. Ongoing consumption of Pürblack provided me with loads of extra energy, and one by one alcohol, caffeine, and cannabis became unnecessary to my existence. These are all substances that I have experienced profound attachment to for many years, whether it was green tea, yerba mate, craft beer, wine, mead or magic brownies.

I am very thankful to be finally at a point where I can feel my entire physiology healing on an intensely deep level. I have utilized the extra energy I’ve had to immerse myself in yoga & meditation several days a week. I cannot tell you the unlimited bliss that exists inside every single one of us, we must simply stop sapping all of our life force on a daily basis with such trivial pleasures. I feel that each one of us is here to do much greater things than just drinking coffee & smoking weed everyday. Pürblack can help you figure out not only what those great things are, but also assist you in making the changes necessary to fulfill said Dharma.

P.S. I would like to warn anybody against using substandard shilajit or low – quality cannabis. When it comes to shilajit make sure to use Pürblack Live Resin, it outperforms all traditional shilajit in quality and efficacy. If you do consume cannabis make sure that it is from an ethical source and is legal in the state of consumption.