Destroy Depression Daily. Be god. No more minimum wage.

shilajit depression

Estimates state that approximately 19 million Americans are living with depression. Besides this rough figure, it is impossible to determine truly how many people suffer from various forms of this mind twist. It is ubiquitous and has innumerous causes. I have experienced how Pürblack Live Resin can be a multifaceted tool in the uphill battle against darkness in my mind, and want to share that with anyone that can benefit. With LIVE Resin, I can do it daily, and feel GOD-LIKE-INVINCIBLE.


I have struggled quite intensely with bouts of the blues for much of my life. I had very abusive parents growing up, which left me with an abundance of trauma, confusion, & anger. This inadvertently led to my using every drug under the sun to numb the pain. As if the combined effects of PTSD and drug abuse were not wreaking enough havoc on my existence, the illegality of said substances I was using landed me in jail five times over the course of four years. Not to mention waking up once in the ICU due to a psychedelic drug overdose. Needless to say, all these factors contributed to me having a very troubled professional & romantic life. Bosses have fired me from at least 20 different jobs, and I have a history of very intense, tumultuous relationships.


I began consuming Pürblack on a regular basis a little over two months ago, taking 1-3 grams per day along with botanical formulas. The magnitude of the transformation I would begin to experience was completely unbeknownst to me. One by one, goals that I had long held came into my grasp while, at the same time, I watched unhealthy habits begin to melt away with a mystical sense of effortlessness. First I started to notice I was no longer of accepting of the idea of putting toxic substances into my body. Also, my desire for alcohol has completely dissipated. Along with the lifestyle changes, Pürblack mitigates my anxiety & emotional balance so well that I no longer have a need for being on the sauce. Furthermore, with all this newfound awareness & clarity, I found myself attending more and more yoga classes every week. Not only that, but both of the yoga teachers I go to let me take yoga for free in exchange for some shilajit. Otherwise, there is no possibility I could afford it. It is interesting to ponder how energetically the shilajit is allowing me to engage fully in yoga practice, which I’ve been striving to do for years.


I also decided to quit my previous job (I hated it) few weeks ago. For the first time in ten years, voluntarily forgoing a steady paycheck in favor of dedicating my time & energy towards the pursuit of my passions; health & spirituality. Throughout these incredibly intense changes to my routine, the Pürblack is is in the background guiding & supporting me. It gives me ample boost to get out from underneath the crushing weight of minimum wage & addiction. Just a couple weeks ago I awoke in a different state of mind and realized caffeine was no longer necessary. I have long been a fan of matcha green tea, mate, guaraná, etc., but I have such an abundance of energy these days. Not exclusively due to the Pürblack, but also the array of lifestyle transformations the resin has miraculously assisted me in accomplishing. I genuinely started to feel God in me.


I feel this is probably something one must experience to understand fully, as the transmutation of energy takes a bit of a different flavor for each. There were a whole lot of factors contributing to my depression, and I am now finally able to see the bright, illuminating light at the end of the tunnel. If one still struggles with depression that is perhaps more of a chemical imbalance, I would recommend looking for some powerful antidepressant herbs. These include St. Jon’s Wort, Rhodiola Rosea, Kava kava, Albizia julibrissin, or SAM-e [in combination with Pürblack]. I am infinitely grateful for being endowed with such a holy sacrament, and hope to use it to bring light to the lives of myself and those around me.