Optimice sus jugos con los beneficios de Shilajit, Pürblack.

shilajit juice

Juicing can imbue you with powers rivaling those of Magneto; with a simple flick of the wrist magnetic field will bend to your ultimate will! Well, not really, but juicing is an incredibly healthy habit with a broad range of purported health benefits. Juicing can promote weight loss, boost your immune system, increase energy levels, and even support brain health. Additionally, this technique allows you to consume a wider variety of vegetables, as well as to have larger amounts on a regular basis. This feat is very challenging for most people who seemingly have veggie phobia. Furthermore, it will allow you to assimilate the nutrition from the produce much more efficiently, especially if you have severely compromised intestinal walls. To take this one level higher, consider taking a bit of Pürblack along with your juice. The humic acids and metabolites contained in shilajit are essential to optimize uptake & utilization of these life-giving vitamins, minerals, & phytochemicals. As Pürblack supersedes the quality of all other resins before it, these beneficial effects will be undoubtedly top-notch. It would be a shame to waste all that hard work to grow, acquire, clean, and ultimately juice the stuff just because your digestive fire (Agni) is operating at sub-par levels.



Juicing assists in weight loss by combating the cause of many peoples’ weight problems. The majority of Americans consume an abundance of empty calories; this means tons of sugar, fat, & carbohydrates with very little essential nutriments. Take a donut for an example; unbelievable concentrations of sugar, fat, and who knows what else; yet virtually nothing that the human body actually needs. Drinking fresh juice provides many of the compounds essential to our proper functioning, and, as a result, the appetite diminishes. The immune system requires many of these same substances to function at optimal levels. Juicing can assist in keeping your little macrophages and natural killers cells satiated, so that they may be more powerful allies in the perpetual war on malicious foreign microorganisms. In addition, lessening the amount of energy that your body needs to divert to digestion provides even further benefits to the immune system. Going on a juice fast gives your body a break from all the hard work, and the extra energy goes towards weeding out malfunctioning & unnecessary white blood cells. The overall effect is similar to a cargo plane dumping off useless payload.



The brain is the biggest consumer of energy in the entire body, using up to 20% of all the body’s wares at a time. Ergo, it makes sense why consuming a plethora of high-quality nutrition would allow it to function more sharply. You can deliver a knockout punch to brain fog, depression, lack of motivation, and mood-swings by first drinking organic freshly-made green juice then following up with a healthy dose of Pürblack. Not only will the shilajit deliver the nutrients to the hungriest parts of the brain, but the resin provides a dazzling host of innate nootropic effects all on its own!