¿Shilajit es seguro para los animales?

At Pürblack, we have a lot of great fans. They take our Live Resin daily and share it with family members, lovers and co-workers. However, the questions we get are sometimes filled with urgency if our fan discovered that their cat or dog got into their jar with Pürblack. Urgency not anxiety as Pürblack lovers do get anxiety, they are zen and focused. Somehow it is usually cats and dog, fewer rabbits and never horses, who manage to get to that magic black jar.


So after couple hundred questions answered by email we decided to write a post about pets and share couple real life time stories with you. While we are writing this, the answer yes it is safe is too simple of an answer to the questions like: Is Pürblack safe for my pet? Will my pet benefit from shilajit? How do I give your resin to my animal family member? How fast will I notice results?


THE CATS. They are the naughtiest of them all. We are aware of multiple cases as cats attracted to the smell of the Pürblack attempted to get to the resin and lick it all out. As all animals are very instructive, driven by these instincts animals know what foods, herbs or what they think is medicine to them will benefit their health the most. The most assertive cats will try to drink from your Pürblack solution and lick it off your body. Cats are known to be healing themselves. When cats consume Pürblack in front of you, they are probably trying to show the benefit not only for themselves but you as an owner as well. Is the resin safe for cats? Yes, it is safe and beneficial. How will they benefit? Read further on the benefits and dosage.


DOGS are love! They are a bit more disciplined that cats are. Dogs will drink Pürblack or any high-quality shilajit or mumie  just like their human family members. They will benefit more than humans, due to their unique anatomy and life span. Sharing your Pürblack with a dog will increase their life and make more zen and stress-free.


HORSES will drink Pürblack with water. They have the most to benefit, especially if they are racing horses. Horses that train and race have an abnormally high wear and tear to their bodies. Just like human athletes horses are subject to micro-tears in the muscles, tendons and ligaments and micro-fractures in the bones. If the problems are not addressed or repaired fast in the inception, they may turn into a painful and costly tear or fracture.


THE BENEFITS TO ANIMALS. Animals were the first ones to discover Shilajit and Mumie and to give an example to humans. See our blog post: «Animals as first consumers of Shilajit and Mumie.» Humans later domesticated animal and took shilajit and wild herbs away from the animals. It is only fair to extend our fellow mammals the courtesy of giving them the same substance from which we as humans greatly benefit. You will see in return that your pet has more life in them, the effect that you get as you take Pürblack as a natural performance enhancer. You pet family member will live longer having a healthier response to stress, inflammation and pain. Moreover, if your favorite dog or horse is either at the age or conditions when they need better body tissue regeneration, you will gift them pain-free mobility.


THE DOSAGE. The dosage for the animals is proportionate to the one for humans. If it is a smaller pet that weighs less than 150 lb., the minimum dose is 0,05 g. The minimum required dose doubles with each additional 100lb Of your pet’s weight. Nevertheless, 0.05 g is the minimal required dose and not the best one. A much simpler way of measuring the resin for your animal is for the smaller ones cats, rabbits and dogs about a quarter of what you normally take yourself and if it is a large horse give it triple or quadruple of what you normally take yourself. It is a good idea to have journal and mark the days when your pet is feeling the best and keep them on the dose from the day before.