Live Resin Federal Trademark otorgado por USPTO

Pürblack is a Live Resin. What makes our resin alive is a unique gentle process we use to purify the resin. You can read our patent application to understand how we do it. We consistently preserve original nutrients native to the material in nature. Our Live Resin, unlike many traditional shilajit and mumie resins, retains vitamins, enzymes, tocopherols, bioflavonoids, hormone-mimicking compounds of plant origin, most antioxidants and metabolites.


Due to technology we use, Pürblack:

Provides all benefits of  high-quality traditional shilajit or mumie
Demonstrates benefits not previously demonstrated by shilajit or mumie
Exceeds quality and efficacy of shilajit, moomiyo and moomiyo used in research
The inspiration of our resin is science and animals in nature consuming the resin to heal fast and stay strong and healthy. Pürblack is a gift of vigor, health and vitality we call it Live Resin.


On November, 25th 2014, United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded us a trademark: Live Resin


Click the link below to see the Federal Trademark registration. We blacked out the name and address of the owner to respect the person’s privacy. Due to our commitment to transparency, we shall answer any legal questions in writing.