shilajit gold patent application

True Gold Shilajit by Pürblack. First time in HISTORY OF SHILAJIT.

Pürblack is proud to announce, genuine shilajit resin with True Gold and Silver. Invented and produced by Pürblack Live Resin it is a first time in history when a genuine shilajit resin contains over 100PPM of Gold and Silver.

A little bit of history. Until 2018, Shilajit with gold content over 0.1PPM was not mined, purified or ever produced in history. The gold “Gold Grade” Shilajit was a description of a high-quality resin in the Vedas. The only company to actually sell the “Gold Grade” shilajit from the Himalayas, was exclusively Lotus Blooming Herbs, a manufacturer of Authentic Shilajit. Over time marketers of substandard resins started to copy Authentic Shilajit, and claim the “Gold Grade” absolutely without any valid justification of quality and entirely without any gold content.

Pürblack Live Resin was always different, in terms of what we deliver as far as quality and the results we deliver to our supporters. With our US Patent Nr. 10,130,656 (, we raised the bar for the quality and efficacy of genuine shilajit resin. In 2018 Püblack filed for a new patent for a variation of genuine shilajit resin with high levels of Gold, Silver, and Platinum (USPTO application NR. 16/167,200). The new resin is available to all Pürblack customers starting January 1st, 2018.

The new resin with high gold content differs significantly from any shilajit resin you may previously experience. Here is the list and description of the benefits of our novel resin with a high level of gold and silver:

* Intelligence. Improved mental acuity can be noticed very fast when taking Pürbalck TrueGold-Silv. Over time one will experience improved IQ ( Intelligence quotient), better, faster, sharper thinking, memory and ability to make decisions. This unique effect is due to the metallic gold’s enhanced property transmitting electrical signals throughout the brain and body. True gold metallic gold combined with Pürblack Shilajit Resin, produces a faster more pronounced effect that shilajit resin or colloidal gold consumed by themselves.

Studies: “Effect of Colloidal Metallic Gold on Cognitive Functions: A Pilot Study” Guy E. Abraham, MD; Souhaila A. McReynolds; Joel S. Dill, PhD
Optimox Corporation, Torrance, California

* Profound joint wellness. Pürblack TrueGold-Silv will contribute fast, and long-term to the sense of wellbeing of joints. The resin will do it more profound and fast, unlike any shilajit in existence. Combined with Pürblack’s property to contribute to the generation of healthy tissue, Purblack TrueGold becomes a go-to supplement for profound joint health.

*Colloidal Gold in the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)”
Peter B. Himmel, Jorge D. Flechas, Guy E. Abraham

* Harmonization of mental and spiritual forces
Gold has a long traditional use in spiritual traditions. It is used to increase the “vibrational” lifeforce, spiritual and healing powers of the human body and mind. Ingesting gold historically was reserved for the chosen ones; the pharaohs, priests, and healers. Gold is used to balance and open up Chakras in the body.

*Healthier, stronger immune system. Pure silver in the Pürblack TrueGold-Silver will give your immune system a healthy boost. The resin will support healthy immunity during the times of stress. The silver in the resin pure 99.999% colloidal and pure.

Safety, Purity, and Efficacy of Pürblack TrueGold – Silv.

The Gold and Silver we enhance Pürblack TrueGold-Silver with is the newest and safest tech in the world in colloidal gold and silver technology. The process is described in the US Patent Nr. 10,130,656 and US Patent application NR. 16/167,200. Our Gold and Silver will never clump, and will never trap in the body. It is incredibly stable in any environment, and will never block enzymes and metabolism, and never modify any proteins. All silver Gold and Silver in our resin is 99.999% colloidal and bioavailable.

Gold and Silver in our resin complete each other and make our shilajit resin supreme benefits over any shilajit in history. Pürblack TrueGold is an American innovation and a 100% USA product.