Systematic stress – resilience and control

woman seated beside a vintage car. Shilajit may help control stress better.

Pürblack is your daily resilience and control. It grants stability to your emotional and mental health and the body overall, better than any traditional shilajit. Our resin counters not only your mental stress, it has a multidirectional effect on multiple stressors: physical, mental, environmental. It will powerfully counter different forms of stress which your various body systems may experience.

This is what makes it a unique substance distinguishing it from many herbal formulations and pharmaceutical drugs.For example, a classical definition of stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or suspense. In simple words, it is the ability to cope mentally with the daily challenges. Real life is more complicated than that, and there are very different types.

Physical stress as an example is the “wear and tear” on the body, which the body cannot cope with. Environmental stress is the stress of toxins, urban lifestyle, nutrition or anything that surrounds and affects a human. Immune stressors will wear out your immune systems. Emotional stress puts a strain on the mind, which in its turn wears out the body.

Pürblack is smart to recognize your stressors and counter them to support and overall health of all your body systems susceptible to daily stressors. To find out more on how Pürblack handles mental and emotional stress in particular, please review the: Calmer and Smarter section.

People who will benefit the most from the Resilience and Control properties of Pürblack are ones whose body systems are susceptible to unnaturally high amounts of different types of stress at work or in personal lives.

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