shilajit performance

Dear Pürblack,

The first time I had tried Pürblack Live Resin  I was amazed at how much stronger it was compared to the other forms of shilajit I had tried. I noticed a feeling of strong, calm and relaxation. As I continued to take it in the morning instead of coffee or tea, I noticed it would help start my brain for the day, I would be more alert when arriving to school, and I would have more energy to get me through the day.

After about two weeks I noticed I would have much more endurance when working out, I would recover my breath quicker, and best all I would be a lot less sore the following day. Also, I noticed right away my sleep improved tremendously, which was amazing for me because I have suffered my whole life from terrible insomnia, and being able to sleep better really help me accomplish more in my daily life.

It has also helped reduce my acid reflux and has made going to the restroom much more pleasant. I have also suffered from horrible stomach problems since high school, and having the shilajit resin help balance my stomach was a huge plus for me to continues using it.

I saw a significant increase in my focus, memory, and concentration. For example, I had an easier time reading for longer periods, and remembering what I had read for class.

I started getting fuller quicker when I would eat, and I have lost a good 5 pounds in weight. Mind you I am already skinny so it was kinda of a shock. Last, but not least, I feel happier!!!

Thanks so much Pürblack!!!!