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    • 30 GRAMS


      100 mg.300
      500 mg.60
      750 mg.40
      1 gram30

      250-500 mg is the most common effective dose

      • High efficacy Pürblack Live Resin 30 grams
      • All high-end Shilajit+Mumie+Unique Benefits
      • Recommended after you own Pürscale
      • For long-term repeat use

      If this is your first time trying Pürblack Live Resin, start with the Intro or the Deluxe jar. The difference from the Daily jar is the weight and availability of the Pürscale.

      Once you own the Pürscale, it can be used with more economical Daily jar for a lifetime.

      Pürscale will save $14-18 in resin and 6-8 hours of active dissolution time – per jar. You will always get a correct dose and highest efficacy delivery form of the resin.

      • Free shipping!
    • 210 GRAMS


      100 mg.2100
      500 mg.420
      750 mg.280
      1 gram210

      • High Efficacy Pürblack Live Resin 210 grams
      • Over one year supply (at 0.5 g per day)

      Pürblack X7 is recommended for long-term users of Pürblack Live Resin. Savings are about 20% vs. the regular 30 g. Jar. This large jar is for repeat buyers, families, manufacturers of chocolate and home-made remedies.

      Environmental Statement: Pürblack is committed to improving the environment. Pürblack X7 comes in a jar, which is reusable for a lifetime. By purchasing the large jar, you remove 7 small jars with packaging from the environment. Please, help up improve the planet. Pürblack will donate 10% of income from the Pürblack to the following organizations: Greenpeace, Oceana Foundation, Plastic Pollution Coalition, Dunagiri Foundation, or a Charity of Your choice (please, write to us after the order about the charity you want us to support).

      • Save 20% per gram!
      • Free shipping!
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