Shilajit and Reishi. Part 2

Reishi mushrooms. Reishi and shilajit are two important medicines in TM.

Beta-glucans are essentially bio-response modulators. This terminology is not that different from Pürblack, which we refer to as a biogenic catalyst. As human beings have evolved (theoretically) with fungi for a very long time, there are immunological systems hard-wired into our physiology that have specific responses in the presence of beta-glucans. The reaction can include enhancing a healthy and natural macrophage & natural killer cell function.

It is important to recognize how this process is different from that of taking something that has immediate action in the body. For example, when you consume the powerful antioxidant astaxanthin, it absorbs into the bloodstream and proceeds to exert its powerful forces over free radicals. The astaxanthin acts as a free-spirit so to speak, and once spent it leaves the body. Dendritic and macrophage immune cells absorb most of the beta-glucans, which is akin to knocking over the first domino in a long line. These medicinal compounds cause beautiful, healing chain reactions.

*Side note: Eating mushrooms raw is never a good idea, as fungi have incredible resilient cellular walls that are completely indigestible for human beings. In order to get benefits from mushrooms, they first need to be made into a tea. Then the tea is made into an extract powder. Very few companies can produce genuine quality extracts. We recommend that you use only Mushroom Science as they have the highest quality and diversity of organic extracts available.

Reishi is a substance that reportedly initiates cycles of benevolent health and has over 4,000 years of usage for liver health, blood pressure health, joint and immune health. Legends also state that it promotes longevity, aids in maintaining vitality, and promotes spiritual immortality through increases intellectual capacity, and banished forgetfulness.

Modern research has focused mostly on hepatic & cardiovascular support, as well as healthy immune modulation. Reishi contains over 800 biologically active constituents, including triterpenoids, polysaccharides, protein, fat, carbohydrates, steroids, nucleotides, peptidoglycans, vitamins & minerals.

Great synergy is possible here, utilizing Pürblack to catalyze these abundant medicinal compounds and deliver them where the body most needs them. Bees, humans, mushrooms, trees, and Live Resins all living in harmony with one another. One can only imagine!

Propolis and polysaccharides note:

If you are unfamiliar with bee propolis, please see our article on bees for further information. Otherwise, please continue reading. Bees make propolis in a similar fashion to honey, except the resin is collected from gouged tree bark, brought back to the hive, regurgitated, and made into propolis via the magic of the bees.

Medicinal compounds, such as polysaccharides, imbued to the tree’s resin via the symbiotic tree/fungus relationship are thought to contribute directly to the antiviral/antibacterial properties of the propolis. Hence, the lack of a diverse mycological ecosystem working in symbiosis with nature may play an enormous role in Colony Collapse Disorder.

Furthermore, bee propolis contains 13 of the 14 minerals required for the proper functioning of the human body. These include calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, sodium, potassium, chloride, iron, manganese, chloride, copper, iodine, zinc, fluoride, & selenium. Intriguingly, the humic & fulvic acids in shilajit contain organically bound sulfur, the only mineral missing from propolis.

Beyond the obvious health benefits that one could acquire from combining Pürblack with propolis, the interconnectedness of everything is truly boggling to the mind. Ergo, it seems it is often better to feel it than to think about it.