Pürblack will save your liver, brain and health from Alcohol.

Shilajit and alcohol use.

Ethanol is the most dangerous recreational drug available in the world today, and ironically one of the few that is legal. In the U.S. alone, we experience over 29,000 alcohol-related deaths a year. Compare this to prescription painkillers at 16,000, and heroin at 6,000. Here at Pürblack, we strongly encourage people to avoid the consumption of alcohol entirely, due to its numerous proven deleterious effects on human health. However, we acknowledge that not all use of alcohol is necessarily wrong. Furthermore, if you are going to drink, then you might as well do it in style by taking Pürblack alongside your favorite beverage.

Before I had been taking Pürblack shilajit for several months and decided to cease consumption of alcohol altogether, I would occasionally enjoy craft beer, mead, and organic sulfite-free wine. Sometimes I would even drink 3, 4, or 5 days in a row, justifying it with ease thanks to our rather unsettling society-wide acceptance of ethanol & alcoholism. Each day after drinking, I would feel a bit ‘off’. I would usually not have more than one or two beers/glasses of wine/mead, yet there would still be an inexplicable cloud of suffocating darkness looming over me the whole next day. I would feel a bit more on edge, slightly depressed, and more susceptible to being reactive when interacting with people.

The most notable effect that my liver does not hurt the way it normally would from drinking and my mental-emotional state does not suffer, when I mix alcohol and harmonize it with Pürblack Shilajit Live Resin. After I had started taking Pürblack, I noticed very interesting effects when I would drink. All of a sudden, one glass of wine felt like three, yet no uncomfortable physical sensation would manifest. Since I would need to drink less to get to my desired level, I would wake up substantially less hungover.

Another large dose of shilajit in the morning removed a majority of the mental fog & feelings of having had low-quality sleep. However, there would still be a nagging feeling throughout my day that I’d done something I shouldn’t have. This is among the most intriguing and amazing effects experienced with prolonged consumption of Pürblack. Light bulbs begin to flicker on in the dark, dusty recesses of your mind that have been completely unbeknownst to you for years. This, whether directly or indirectly, seems to lead to increased impulse control & decision-making skills. I have found this effect to translate into all aspects of my life, including dietary choices. Before, when faced with extreme hunger pangs, I would find the nearest place to get a burrito. Now I understand my body will be OK without food until I can find something healthy & nutrient-dense.

Pürblack shilajit gives me the energetic leg up that I have needed for so long, to make these important, significant lifestyle changes. I left alcohol, caffeine, and unhealthy food behind, and I am not looking back. It is not quite clear how exactly it is that shilajit exerts such a powerful rejuvenating influence on so many facets of the mind, body, and soul. I imagine it is partially due to the increased uptake & utilization of nutrition, as well as the bone/muscle/connective tissue regenerating properties of Pürblack.

I know that it is difficult to find the balance in this life, especially with things like alcohol that have so many conflicting opinions. Some will say moderate alcohol consumption has health benefits. Due to lowered stress levels or antioxidants. While this may be true, the way I see it is a bit different. I just feel there is such an abundance of botanical options with proven safety profiles that it seems unwise to ingest something that metabolizes into poisonous acetaldehyde. Not only does Pürblack exceed the quality of all other shilajit, but it also does not come with an FDA warning about birth defects like your favorite beer. My hope is that at least one person will read this, begin taking Pürblack, and enjoy the abundance of joy that comes with letting go of alcohol. Fine tune your recreation with Pürblack!