shilajit healthy

Pürblack is…

A union of mind and body
An amplifier of health
A harmonizer of soul


As senses with the heart
As mind with the goal
As spirit with the universe


As ankles with wrists
As elbows with knees
As shoulders with hips


Strength comes from within
Love comes from the deep
A truly yogic substance

Pürblack is a powerful, natural and safe adaptogen. Our Live Resin continuously repairs, builds, strengthens and protects a body at peak health. Different from traditional shilajit and mumie, Pürblack combines the benefits of both resins and delivers unique benefits. Pürblack is an elite mineral pitch. It supercedes quality of all traditional shilajit. Pürblack live resin combines all benefits of genuine shilajit and mumie. It delivers unique benefits not previously available in shilajit-mumie resins. Closer to nature and rooted in science.