Shilajit as a backup plan For your nutrient deficient juice.

Shilajit and mineral deficiency. boost your juices!

Every single one of us has some sort of deficiency; that’s what makes us human and beautiful! However, when speaking of mineral deficient fruits & vegetables, my sentiment is a bit darker.

Completely unnatural modern farming techniques such as mono-cropping & application of pesticides has ravages our precious topsoil of highly important minerals, as well as fulvic & humic acids, unique substances found in quality shilajit too. Although corn can grow in nearly sterile soil, it can hardly thrive and produce nutrient-dense cobs.

Similarly, humans can surely survive in even the most horrifically malnourished situations, but that person is not going to be doing many fruitful activities. In America, everything from almond milk to cereal is fortified with synthetic vitamins & minerals. This ploy is executed just to boost the percentages you see on the nutrition label, but does very little to nothing for your well being.

It’s easy to assume kale is healthy just because it’s a leafy green vegetable, but you may be juicing an empty piece of cellulose. Nobody wants to waste money on crappy produce, so begin purchasing organic food exclusively, ideally from your local farmer’s market.

Veggies from this source are likely to have been handled less and be of higher quality. You also have the ability to ask the farmers directly about his usage of pesticides. Buying any old random juice is like playing Russian Roulette with your health, as you could be getting a  bottle of poisoned green water.

While Pürblack shilajit can turn OK juice into good juice (nutritionally speaking), why not instead turn excellent juice into life-changing juice? Shilajit is far and away from the best dietary source of humic & fulvic acids, two of the most important components that are now entirely absent from our once fertile topsoil.

I hear a lot of people chiding me because they feel one should get 100% of their nutrition from food. Unfortunately, this is not possible if you live in an industrialized country. There are theories that state fulvic acid is quintessential to the optimum functioning of the human body. So now think, billions of people are spending their entire lives without very basic minerals needed to sustain their good health. It’s truly disgusting that corporate greed coupled with a lack of foresight has landed us in this intense planet-wide crisis.

Fulvic & humic acids form as a byproduct of humification, the process in which Mother Nature utilizes all sorts of fungus, bacteria, and other critters to break down organic matter. Once living plants become food for currently living biota. Fulvic acid helps the plants to uptake essential minerals from the soil and effectively deliver them throughout the entire organism. The effect of fulvic acids in humans is very similar.

As Pürblack shilajit supersedes the quality & efficacy of all shilajit resins to come before it, it will have you covered regardless of the mineral content of your juice. That’s what I call a backup plan!