Say NO to Fad Diets! Wise one’s advice.

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We have our work cut out for us a race. I follow Bruce Lee’s philosophy, “Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, and add what is uniquely your own.” It is difficult enough to unravel the web of lies that society thrust upon us since birth. Having said that, it is even further unsettling to realize there is so much conflicting information on such a seemingly light-filled topic such as nutrition. It is unclear whether the movement leaders are simply inexperienced and unwittingly leading people astray, or if their intentions are a bit more insidious. I enjoy the works of Weston A. Price, as it is a seemingly more down to earth & balanced approach to nutrition.

He studied ancient cultures from all around the world and found that indigenous peoples would consume a balanced diet, usually including, animal meat & organs. These people were very healthy and had immaculate bone/oral health. This phenomenon is probably due to the rich mineral content of the food they were consuming, as well as the absence of sugar-rich junk food.

This makes Pürblack shilajit incredibly important for those on plant-based diets, as obtaining all the minerals you need will be exceedingly difficult due to depleted topsoil. Not only is Pürblack shilajit an excellent source of ionic minerals, but the fulvic compounds within help to assimilate & properly utilize minerals from food.

I do acknowledge that every single human being alive is incredibly unique in their dietary needs. I genuinely encourage you to try new things, listen to your body, and over time figure out what does & doesn’t work.

Again, Pürblack shilajit is useful, due to its effects on cognition. Over time, you will notice vastly increased levels of awareness, as well as improved decision-making abilities & impulse control. It is obvious why these skills are incredibly useful when it comes to nutrition.

I have found that if I consume too many raw foods, I become cold. I believe this has something to do with the energy of fire being transferred to foods, and subsequently to the body via the alimentary canal. There is nothing quite like a warm, homemade bowl of miso soup on a cold wintery night. Damn you, raw food, for ever taking away my soup! Other side effects I noticed were the total loss of sex drive, lack of energy & endurance, slow recovery time, as well as feeling more spaced out & stressed out.

These days, I like to eat more cooked foods in the winter, and more raw foods in the summer. Regardless of the season, I enjoy daily shilajit to aid in maintaining balance & adaptogenesis. When it comes to meats, I prefer turkey or tuna, but only if from a highly ethical source (that is hard to find with tuna especially).

Even though one cannot avoid pesticides altogether, I find it wise to buy organic produce. At least these farms are somewhat mindful of the deleterious effects of chemicals in our food supply. The ultimate truth I came to is that I only answer to myself. Meaning, I also answer to God. I feel a bit silly for all the times I was condescending towards others for eating meat or cooked food, but it has been an invaluable learning experience.

If you are eating a vegan, vegetarian, raw foods, or a similar diet, I applaud you for your efforts for seeking your highest good. I also strongly encourage you to consider incorporating Pürblack shilajit into your daily intake of nutriments. This superior quality shilajit will help to keep you rock-invincible no matter what challenges & transformations you face in this incredible journey called life.