Cordyceps Mushrooms & Pürblack Shilajit For Stamina.

Amplify cordyceps mushrooms with some shilajit!

Cordyceps Sinensis is a highly prized medicinal fungus that is a fusion of the fungal & animal kingdoms. Trippy eh? This unique fungal mushroom is one of the best natural healing products there is and a gift from nature to humanity. Just like shilajit, cordyceps offer a wealth of health benefits. 

The fungus overtakes larvae of caterpillars burrowed underground, myceliates the insect’s body, and a mushroom springs from its head! Not too long ago, a ton of Cordyceps would go for approximately $15 million on the oriental market.

Due to this fungus being so highly sought after, various problems have arisen in regards to the harvest of said mushroom. In 2011, Nepal convicted 19 villagers for the murder of a group of farmers, after a dispute over the caterpillar fungus. Fortunately, a novel strain if thus mushroom is now in cultivation, dubbed Cordyceps militaris.

Not only is this variety sustainable, but it often has even higher concentrations of active alkaloids than its wild counterpart. Here at Pürblack, we are big on environmental responsibility, and do everything we can in order to contribute to sustainable practices worldwide (even when it comes to the production of Pürblack Live Resin shilajit).

When speaking of the amalgamation of energy provided by mixing Pürblack Live Resin Shilajit with Cordyceps, visions of athletes such as Michael Jordan & Michael Phelps come to mind. Those two substances offer more in the vein of athletic supremacy than perhaps any other natural medicines in the world.

In 1993, Cordyceps was thrust into the limelight thanks to the female Chinese track team who credited the mushroom for their athletic prowess. They broke multiple world records at the Chinese National Athletic Championship and garnered the attention of drug-testing authorities. All the girls tested clean; the coach then revealed that the girls were consuming Cordyceps tea after each training session. Clearly then, this mushroom deserves further attention from those seeking physical enlivenment. Purported benefits of the fungus include:

    • Improved brain function & antioxidative enzyme activity
    • Increased levels of sex hormones [in males]
    • Healing & protective to the liver
    • Improved sperm quality & quantity
    • Increased sensitivity to insulin
    • Enhanced energy & endurance
    • Increased blood & oxygen flow to muscles
    • Increased estrogen production, boosting female fertility
    • Regulates healthy immune/natural killer cell activity

The cordycepin and 3-deoxyadenosine are chemically very similar to adenosine. As the body cannot distinguish between the two, it can participate in various biochemical reactions, including DNA/RNA synthesis.

Taking Cordyceps with Pürblack Shilajit is a surefire way to download the superman program instantly, straight into your genetic code. I feel ferocious when I take the two, perhaps similar to the Juggernaut from X-Men. It goes light-years beyond anything offered by caffeine; rather than some temporary, artificial stimulation, I experience a supernovic wave of uplifting energy that I ride all day.

While I explore deeper into each yoga pose (thanks to the heightened blood & oxygen supply), I can also think of the profound physiological healing that the fungus & resin is imparting to my soul. I always had a little trouble breathing almost all my life.

When I consume Cordyceps with a bit of shilajit, within the hour I can feel the life-giving air flowing in & out of my lungs with ease. There is no more gasping for air, or feeling anxious and trying to yawn to feel satisfied. I simply breathe.

Life and the system can do a lot to get you down, but with the proper tools & education, you can reclaim your birthright as a powerful, active, creative, sexy individual!