On Shilajit Companies Practices & Ethics. Public Response.

shilajit manufacturing ethics

We receive interesting emails and questions regularly. Pürblack could not, not answer this one, as it touches on very important aspects for all shilajit companies. We were not able to respond to the email provided by the author as our response “bounced” as the email was not valid. We believe in transparency and responding publicly. The letter seems honest, and we wish the author came out so that we could have an open public discussion about this.

Dear Sam,

We tried to respond to your email, but the response returned undelivered. Since you touch on a very important subject, we decided to answer you publicly. Hopefully, you will read this answer in our purblack.com blog.

It is not clear which company you are talking about when you mention “another USA shilajit supplier.” As far as pricing goes, Pürblack is fairly priced for the quality offered. We are just trying to keep it affordable for our supporters. The USA is a free market, and anybody should be able to sell their product for any just price. As long as they are competing honestly and do not sell counterfeits and imitation products, which they fraudulently call “shilajit.”.

On negative reviews. We believe that there are plenty of malicious negative review practices. And “shamefully” this happens. The best defense is transparency and knowledge. When we entered the “shilajit” market, it was very hard to fight discrimination and dishonesty of some companies. We made it a policy to speak the truth and expose any lack of truthful and fully transparent behavior. We also were willing to work harder than anybody else. So the best advice we can give is: be the best quality and respond to the negativity with knowledge and care for the people who will take your product.

As far as Shilajit being out there for thousands of years that is indeed true. We never said that there were only two companies selling shilajit. There are several companies selling the resin of first and second-generation; Pürblack is the only one offering the third-generation Resin. During the RnD stage for purblack, our idea was to make the most effective, highest bioavailability resin, closest to its natural state in nature. We believe in an obsession with superior quality and shifting boundaries as no one did before. Our creative inspiration was animals, great yogis, ancient ayurvedic practitioners and scientists performing high-end shilajit research. We succeeded through creativity, innovation, hard work, and integrity.

On getting along. We are happy to get along with anyone who is ethical. When we say ethical, we mean transparent, high-quality and high integrity product manufacturers, not breaking the laws of the United States. We shall never under any circumstance deal with manufacturers or marketers who sell counterfeits, fake or substandard resins or powders. When profit becomes more important than ethics, quality always suffers. We have a zero-tolerance policy for that.

As far as being original. Pürblack will always stay original and different. We’ll also support anyone who wants to continue the great traditions of classical shilajit. The shilajit markets and people who trust shilajit companies deserve the best quality and integrity from merchants.

Kind regards,
Pürblack Live Resin Team

Further is the original letter we received from Sam. Original text is fully preserved.

Question Answer
Name sam
E-mail samjimmerson245@gmail.com
Title Shilajit quality
Hi there,You guys do great things. I’m sure you have the highest quality product, and that is not to be disputed. But like another shilajit USA supplier, let’s not scare off others who may want to sell shilajit too with their own brand!Even if their shilajit is priced lower, they should not feel scared to price theirs like yours just to avoid being seen as inferior quality. Not accusing you of anything, but there are instances where companies feel they are the only source of a product, and they or their clients leave purposeful negative reviews on other companies as a result.Shilajit has been going for thousands of years, so it’s bound to happen that there are more than 2 companies selling the same product of similar quality, but at different prices.We should all just get along.

Again, you are doing great things, just know a few people that are almost scared to sell shilajit themselves for fear of fake negative reviews left by other companies and their clients. It doesn’t feel right inside or out

There is no such need! No one can be the original of anything. Let alone something as renowned as Shilajit.

Again, keep on doing great things! Just in the right way