Pürblack, Shilajit dosage. For peak health: Use 1-2 times daily, 250-500 mg.

shilajit results

Pürblack Live Resin yields results better than any shilajit or mumie resin conventionally created. It has to do with our unique patent-pending technology. Pürblack retains more nutrients due to a gentle and pristine manufacturing process.

Let’s see how to use shilajit in a proper way. There are two keys to success: Consistency and Proper Dosage.

1. Consistency.

Drink or swallow the resin. 1 – 2 times daily. Do not skip days, while taking the jar. You may take 3-5 day breaks between jars.

Note: Ideally on an empty stomach. If have not the time to take it on an empty stomach or dissolve in liquid, simply take the resin any time of the day.

2. Proper dosage.

The very minimum of Pürblack you should take is a serving (100 mg.)
The most effective shilajit dosage lays in between 250 to 500 mg at a time.

Use our measuring – dissolution device to economically and easily dissolve and measure the resin. Our device saves time and resin. You can find proper dosage instructions can be found in the FAQ here: