9 Foods for Strong and Healthy Bones

nine foods for strong healthy bones

Many vitamins and nutrients found in food are important for proper physical growth and contribute to healthier hair, nails and skin. To develop strong bones or heal broken ones, incorporate the following foods in your diet.

Sunshining Yogurt

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Every time you step outside, your body takes in Vitamin D, which is essential for healthy bones. Did you know that Vitamin D is also found in yogurt? One cup of plain, fat-free yogurt provides you with twenty percent of your Vitamin D and thirty percent of your calcium for the day.

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Miraculous Milk


Avoid brittle bones with three cups of milk to consume 30% of the calcium you need daily. Pair those 90 calories with one cup of yogurt and you can take in 50% of the calcium recommended daily.

Say Cheese! 

Did you know that cheese is made of milk? In moderation, 1.5 ounces of cheese can help you reach your calcium intake for the day without gaining weight and adding a creak to your joints.

Savory Sardines


Another source of Vitamin D and calcium is sardines, which can be eaten with crackers or in your salads and pastas. Some dishes use sardines as a substitute for salt, which also lowers your sodium intake while boosting your minerals resin for the day.

Excellent Eggs


6% of the calcium you need to build healthy bones can be found in egg whites. Combined with 1.5 ounces of cheese, you can easily meet your calcium quota for the day. Did you know egg yolks also provide nutrients for your bones?

Succulent Salmon


Another source of Vitamin D for a healthy heart, strong bones and staying in shape is salmon. One three ounce cut of low calorie sockeye salmon contains 100% of the Vitamin D intake recommended for the day.

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Sensational Spinach

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If your lactose intolerant or a vegan, try one cup of cooked spinach. This meal contains iron, fiber, Vitamin A and at least 25% of your recommended daily calcium intake.

Wake Up With Cereal


Making eggs in the morning or salmon at night may be time consuming, but a quick bowl of cereal and milk for breakfast or dinner could provide you with 25% of your daily calcium intake. Whole grain cereals are full of nutrients and vitamins your body needs to build and maintain strong bones.

Greater Tuna


Salmon isn’t the only fish full of vitamins. Cans of three ounce tuna contain 39% of your daily dose of Vitamin D. This helps you stay fit and take care of your bones.

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