Pürblack Supports International Charity Workers with Shilajit

shilajit charity

At Pürblack, we are deeply touched by the charity work pastor Humphries does in Peru. We decided to support him with some Live Resin. We are humbled that Benny chose us after trying shilajit from 4 other companies. Benny kindly provided us with a story of what he does as well as his experience with various types of shilajit and Pürblack Live Resin.


On 9/16/14, 10:32 PM, Benny Humphries wrote:
Thanks allot I really appreciate it and so that you know I am real I am including a video of myself and the work I do here in Peru. I heard about you through a friend who started Bright Earth Foods, his name is Enderon, not sure if I´m spelling that correctly.  He lives in the same city as me and I buy spirulina from him from time to time. I had been trying several types of shilajit just to see for myself what the buzz was about also in hopes to get some energy back, more trace minerals and maybe shed a few pounds. I was about to purchase from a company called Premium Shilajit but the reviews were terrible.

By this time I had tried Shilajit from 4 other companies when Enderon came over and asked me had I tried Pürblack?  He said that you guys were friends and that you had the best on the market. The moment I tried it I knew it was legit. The only way to explain this is that I take allot of superfoods and my body is sensitive but the moment I tried your product I felt an instant stable charge of energy and clarity not to mention what happened in the bedroom.  My wife had been having problems in her arm and shoulder for a month, with shooting pains that were similar to arthritis. Because she is Peruvian they have cures for everything of which some are legit, however, her pain would not go away and we were getting concerned. I asked her if she would be willing to try the PurBlack shilajit for a month and she said yes. She hated the taste but kept at it.

Within a week and a half, her pain had faded 60% after a month her pain was gone.  She has grown accustomed to the taste and loves it. I myself was having some health issues and started taking superfoods to help get my weight down. I  was diagnosed with low blood sugar 10 years ago and would almost always have to nap in the middle of the day and awake to a sugary snacks. After taking Shilajit I no longer have to nap during the day which was awesome. I noticed a decrease in appetite and also a 90% decrease in the crashes that I used to have due to low blood sugar.  Whatever you guys are doing stick with it you have a great product. DEEP TO DEEP.