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By Robert Sacks of Diamond Way Ayurveda

As an Ayurvedic educator, practitioner and author I do a lot of draining travel, but do get to try new and exciting things. Recently, I got to test Pürblack Live Resin in harsh traveling conditions. Pürblack claims to be an elite Shilajit Resin without alternatives. The Resin is supposed to provide multiple benefits. Accidentally I  “hard-tested” some of them on the road.

In our everyday world, sometimes when we take a substance we don’t always note its effects or benefits in the light of other health supporting things that we do, and many daily general distractions, so much so that we are not sure what effect comes from what we take in or what we do to make a difference.

But, on the road, if one is a use to the effects of jet lag and travel stress, it is much easier to see how what you do or take makes a difference in the tiredness, buzz, and overstimulation that you feel in such circumstances.

Recently, my wife Melanie and I went through an intense travel and teaching schedule in a three-week period.  We started in the Bahamas, after went to New York City, then Boston, and finally Miami.  It was tropical, balmy, and a bit thunderous in Nassau, cold and wet in New York, snowing and cold around Boston, then back to the tropics and moist heat of Florida.  Knowing the time zones, but also the radical climate changes we would go through, we made a point of bringing Pürblack as part of our jetlag and travel recovery plan.

Because we had been so busy before we left, there were many items that did not get into the travel case to attend to jetlag and so forth.  Pürblack Live Resin was our only remedy.  Thus, it was easy to learn what Pürblack does.

The best way I can describe it is that Pürblack put the ground back under your feet.  As an adaptogen, its job of Shilajit  is not to fill all the gaps, but provide ground and support the body’s innate sense to know what it needs.

In Ayurvedic terms, it is easy for the Vata or wind-like dosha to be disturbed when traveling.  It takes effort to feel grounded and truly present where one is.  Thus, travel and all it involves can be stimulating and exciting, but too often leads to exhaustion when one finally gets home and the dust settles. In this regard, Pürblack is a game changer.

Taking it before you head out on the road, your system is put on alert to make adjustments along the way. Upon arrival, it helps one get back on one’s feet with a clear head and more stable energy.  It then becomes much easier to make sensible choices and find the nutrients and qualities of activity that help one best adapt to changes of climate, environment, and circumstance.  Thus before taking off and soon after landing, Pürblack is a great and beneficial ritual of choice.  It has become ours.

Pürblack is a unique, live resin. It is a supreme healing food in Ayurveda and Eastern European naturopathic medicine. We use the latest, American technology to produce an elite quality product. Our patent-pending process, creates the resin significantly superior to any traditionally made authentic Shilajit or Moomiyo. Pürblack has all benefits of traditional high-end resins and new ones, not previously found in any Shilajit or Moomiyo products. We welcome you to review the benefits and site content pages of our site. Find high-value knowledge that is transformative and empowering. We protect each jar by assigning an individual serial number to it. Try Pürblack to experience the best in you. Pürblack live resin combines all benefits of genuine shilajit and mumie. It delivers unique benefits not previously available in shilajit-mumie resins. Benefits rooted in science coming from nature. Shilajit and Mumie to Pürblack Live Resin are as conventional grown to organic produce.