Diana uses shilajit. She is more happy do better yoga.

Learn how Diana benefited from using Pürblack shilajit regularly both in mind and in body.

Dear Pürblack, How fortuitous that I opened your email while sipping on my morning of Pürblack Live Resin, dissolved in my favorite herbal tea with a little bit of honey!   Without boring you with a long and sappy shilajit testimony, I will say this: one of the most significant changes that I have observed since I started taking this product is this: I FEEL HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!!! I have a renewed sense of optimism, a more balanced mental attitude…I feel calmer and at the same time uplifted, my eyesight and hearing have become sharper, my memory prolonged, my moving through tasks, more swift and efficient, I can concentrate and focus so much better, my sleep pattern more consistent, and my life so much enjoyable! And this just on the mental level.

On the physical level, my joint pain has decreased greatly, my flexibility has increased, as well as my stamina, I’m not intimidated by yoga asanas anymore and I am really looking forward to stepping up to more physical challenges to become stronger and leaner.   Thank you for this wonderful product. Pürblack Live Resin is truly a life-changing gem of a product!

Sincerely, Diana Pizarro

Pürblack Editor’s Note: We wrote multiple times about shilajit and Yoga. To be exact about Pürblack Live Resin shilajit, and what it does for the yogis. We see yoga as a cure-all practice. It sometimes seems easier and simpler than traditional gyms or any sports. In reality, yoga is not simpler or easier.

With the promise of greater health, yoga takes patience, practice and a lot of sweat and skill. It is not much different from any serious sport with challenges along the way. Just like in any other serious sports yogis need focus, smarts, stamina, strength and flexibility and tools like shilajit to improve performance.

In yoga, there is just as much injury as in any other sports. Pürblack became the Resin of choice for most yoga teachers and later their students. The resin promotes deep focus, stability and strength and ability to repair microtears in the muscles and tendons, which are common at yoga. Pürblack shilajit provides an advantage to yogis for gracious, focused and powerful practice.