#nodapl Pürblack stands in Solidarity.


At Pürblack we strongly Believe in respect for Human Rights, Alternative Energy with Minimal Carbon footprint and America free from State-sanctioned violence against peaceful protesters.

The very reason Pürblack Live Resin exists is to help humans to reach maximum health through the use of our Live Resin (elite, high-purity, high-efficacy resin for human consumption aka shilajit, mumie., etc.).

Air pollution and global warming represent a dire threat in action to a formation of raw material, used world-wide for the production of Pürblack, Shilajit, and Mumie resins. Air and water pollution from petrochemicals and oil spills contribute to many diseases including cancer, as well as put a substantial emotional and financial burden on families world-wide and in America.

At DAPL (Dakota Access Pipeline) indigenous-led resistance is trying to stop the building of the pipeline which will endanger the water source for Standing Rock Sioux and 8 million people living downstream. These people are fighting for the better environment, air, water, and first amendment rights. People from all over the country came to Standing Rock to support peaceful protest, and support future health of American generations to come. The protesters were brutally injured, subjected to violence, and prevented from exercising their first Amendment rights.

Pürblack will stay out of politics. People who trust us and put funds in us are conservatives and liberals. We respect everybody’s opinion and liberty. America is about freedom and responsibility.

Pürblack is joining the protest to support the Environment for generations to come and Human Right specifically exercise of the first amendment rights. We are doing this for your health and freedom.

Pürblack will:

1. 100% of designated income from sales of Pürblack Live Resin, which our customers permit us to donate to #nodapl will be donated to the protest. (all you need to do after you purchased a jar from us is let us know that you wish the funds to be donated to #nodapl. Via the contact form on our site , please let us know your order number and expressly state that you want all your money to be donated to #nodapl). This action is valid as of 1 Dec 2016 and will remain valid until #nodapl is a pressing issue.

2. Pürblack will reserve and provide free of charge up to 250.000 in our resin to the medical camp, veterans and Standing Rock and anybody injured and Standing Rock.

This will make the Water Protectors stronger, help them be resilient to stress, regenerate their bodies faster and better.

3. Pürblack will supply Sophia Wilansky, 21 with Pürblack Live Resin free of charge for a year. Sophia is a true American Hero, who was peacefully holding the front lines and had her arm nearly blown off by a concussion grenade thrown at her. We’ll do the same for any protester, who was seriously injured at the Standing Rock Protest.

This will help Sophia and others regenerate their bodies and be healthy and strong again.
1 December 2016
Pürblack – Adaptive Energy LLC
Executive Director
Nodari Rizun
P.S. We express our deepest gratitude to our customers, friends, suppliers, distributors, numerous medical professionals for supporting us #nodapl endeavor. Without your purchases, discounts, kind words – this project would not be spiritually and financially possible. Our special thanks to our dearest and friendliest competitors who were and engine of inspiration for this project. Many of you wish to remain anonymous, fearing for your business. Nevertheless our gratitude for all you do is boundless.