Live Resin First Aid Savior. Tom’s Real Story

I write this following an adventure I had today at the Deep Creek Hot Springs in Southern California. I arrived yesterday a virgin to the hot spring experience. Needless to say, it was absolutely fantastic. During the descent into the valley, there are beautiful rolling hills covered with boulders larger than several vehicles. The stones are arranged in such ways that it seems as if a massive explosion put them in place millennia ago. The mind wanders to fantasies of ancient asteroid impacts that may or may not have been. As we continued further along the trail, the river came into view, along with it little specks scattered about that we determined to be humans. Upon arrival, a large, ice-cold stream must be conquered before reaching the destination. Luckily there has not been much rain, so it is barely waist deep.

These hot springs are also commonly known for embracing nudity, so of course I obliged. I will never forego an opportunity to be naked, especially in nature. The first pool is very shallow and has the moniker ‘crab cooker’, due to its intense but pleasurable heat. The next pool up from there is much larger & deeper, and has a temperature of ~101°F, making it much more suitable for extended water healing sessions. The climb to the third pool is incredibly treacherous, owing to the very narrow & slippery nature of the rocks. I exercised extreme caution each time I went up & down this passage, not desiring to crack my head open in such a beautiful place.

My friend and I stayed for the night & camped underneath the stars. Somehow these kinds of nights cause an intense upheaval of emotional realization in myself. All the magnificence of the star-filled deep-space sky transforms into a message; a message to be heedful. The city life, modern society, money, etc., all take control of peoples’ lives and sap us of our natural powerful state of being. A state of being that is an inalienable right to every human being born on this planet. Somehow in nature, everything just makes more sense. Surely the Native Americans were very familiar with these sorts of ideas.

So, the next morning we are having a final soak as the sun rises, and I get up to go begin gathering my things together. I was holding a glass water bottle (which is against the rules, now I know why) as I ascended the dubious pathway. In an instant, I slipped, heard the bottle shatter, and fell back onto the rocks & into the water. The pool was several feet deep, so after involuntarily cannonballing to the bottom, I rose to the top of the pool to take stock of the damage done. As my head bursted through the surface of the water, adrenaline began surging through my veins. It took at least 20 seconds before I looked down and saw blood gushing out of my butt cheek.

At this moment, a lot went through my mind very quickly. Such is the nature of life-threatening situations. I was in the middle of nowhere, with virtually no cell phone reception. My friend, who was also in the pool, condescendingly remarked that that’s why glass bottles aren’t allowed. I snapped at him, hurriedly explaining that I was hemorrhaging blood. He turned away, stunned, having no idea what to do. I suddenly remembered what I had in my backpack; a jar of Pürblack and a huge aloe vera leaf. I leapt out of the pool and went as quickly as I could to my things. After a bit of rock climbing, the beautiful green succulent came into sight. I used my thumb to open the plant and receive its nectar of salvation. Gel in hand, I then hobbled over to the water to wash sand & debris from the wound. It was the first time I got a good look at the damage, and it was a DEEP cut. I could see a lot of fatty tissues exposed; this was the deepest I’ve ever been able to see into my body. I inserted a chunk of aloe into the abscess and held it for a minute or so. Upon removal, my blood combined with the strands of aloe vera to create quite an interesting visual for myself and those around. Several people told me I would definitely need stitches. I responded by taking out a pea-sized amount of Pürblack, softening it between my fingers, and plugging the wound.

As I rubbed the shilajit into the new hole in my rear, it began to liquefy & mix with my blood, creating a visceral, hauntingly beautiful stream of maroon blood down my leg. Moments later, the bleeding stopped, and the Pürblack seemed to absorb directly into the tissues & capillaries. The wound was hungry, made apparent by its consumption of the Live Resin. I washed the cut once more, applied a new layer of shilajit, and covered it with gauze & a butterfly bandage.

The kicker is that in order to leave this spring, one must hike up a rather rugged incline for approximately 45 minutes. The cut is on a part of my leg that stretches it open each time I take a step. Believe it or not, the Pürblack helped me to get back to the car without even a single drop of blood spilling out, and also no pain.

In closing, the regenerative properties of Pürblack Live Resin seem to be otherworldly. I would never have believed it if it hadn’t happened to me. After we had made the three-hour journey home, I went to the bathroom to peel off the bandage & redress the wound. To my amazement, what was a crater only a few hours ago was now filled in with brand new, healthy looking white tissues. The wound looked very clean, and pain was still virtually non-existent. The implication of these discoveries are profound: Imagine stitches, Neosporin, and hydrogen peroxide all become obsolete overnight. What happens when the people find out that utilizing some plants & Pürblack you can disinfect and regenerate all kinds of injuries? Many people would surely lose a lot of money. Substances like shilajit feel like a ferry, taking one across the river of mortality into the realm of superhuman abilities. Wolverine seems to be a common favorite X-Men character, and for those who don’t know, his mutation is the ability to heal incredibly fast. Who knew that these are not just the ramblings of a science fiction mind, but actual reality?