How does kava kava work with shilajit?

shilajit and kava compliments each other

Few botanicals are as enjoyable to enunciate as Kava Kava, the national drink of Fiji. On the island, alcohol consumption is scarce, and this reason is one theory as to why Pacific Islanders are considered the ‘happiest people on Earth’. In lieu of ethanol, one will find various preparations of Piper Methysticum, the ultimate in relaxing rhizomes. Fiji is well-known for it’s Kava ceremonies, where the medicine is brewed so strong that euphoria, well-being, & enhanced sociability are the standard effects. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of Kava Kava and whether this unique herb combines well with Pürblack Shilajit.

It is worth addressing a glaring issue the Kava industry has been facing for the past several years. In 2001, over 60 cases of acute liver toxicity were reported in conjunction with the consumption of Kava extracts. Six of these cases resulted in liver transplants while three ended in death. The jury is still out on whether or not Kava is detrimental to liver health, especially considering native Fijians have been consuming Kava for at least 3,000 years with no apparent liver problems.

There are several theories on the subject, one of my personal favorites being that the pharmaceutical industry engineered the kava scare. European doctors widely prescribed Kava as an alternative to OTC/prescription drugs with far fewer side effects. It is clear why this would be a nuisance to Big Pharma. However, we are now in the Age of Information, and scandals such as this will be exposed for their true nature sooner or later.

As someone who successfully overcame many drug addictions, Kava has a very special place in my heart, being the beautiful natural healer that it is. Technically classified as an analgesic, anticonvulsant, antiseptic, sedative, diuretic, & tonic,

Kava has some very interesting pharmacological activity. It has been found to inhibit the reuptake of dopamine in the nucleus accumbens (plays a pivotal role in the reward circuit), possibly explaining its ability to produce euphoria. Reuptake inhibition of norepinephrine, [reversible] MAO-B inhibition, cannabinoid receptor agonist, as well as potentiation of the GABA receptor are other notable mechanisms of action. A blanket of tranquility will drape around one virtually immediately after the ingestion of a high-quality Kava tincture. Paresthesia (mild numbness/tingling) of the mouth & throat, is a good indication you’ve landed some authentic Kava root.

Do you want to experience an emotional well being and great sleep without feeling sick the next day? If so, Kava & Pürblack Shilajit may be just what the nature ordered. Imagine shilajit as the fertile foundation in your body, in which you plant two beautiful palm trees. The Kava is then the hammock that hangs between the two trees.

The Pürblack Live Resin Shilajit catalyzes Kava’s energy, causing healthy responses to anxiety effects that are believed to be a healthy opposite to prescription anti-anxiety drugs (i.e. Xanax). Kava is unique in the herbal supplement world in that it offers a nearly intoxicating state, removing inhibitions, worries, & fears.

As these emotions seem to be at the root of many peoples’ drug & alcohol addictions, it’s easy to see that this combination carries with it much significance in regards to recovery from said vices.

Drug & Alcohol addiction is perhaps one of the most severe issues we are currently facing as a society. The families & intimate relationships that are ripped apart, loss of productivity, sapped creative energies, and financial ruin are hallmarks of the addict’s life. Equally dark are the general feelings of loss, hurt, insecurity, & hopelessness that we all know far too well.

I am a big supporter of light-heartedness, but some things deserve a more serious attitude; this is one of them. Though some may scoff at the idea of taking a root & a mineral pitch in earnest hopes of getting/staying clean, I do not listen. My conviction is that this is the way of the future (and indeed, the way of the past) is rock-solid.