Healthy Alcohol and Marijuana Response

Pürblack does not encourage or endorse consumption of alcohol or medical marijuana. As a company, we are not engaged in sales, marketing or promotion of either substance. Nevertheless, at this point, the health benefits of Pürblack to consumers of alcohol and medical marijuana are apparent. Pürblack resin is an excellent neutralizer and economizer of both. Let’s explain what it means and what the effects are, and how we came down to these conclusions.

At Pürblack received a lot of feedback from our friends and customers stating that, they drink and smoke less while taking Pürblack, usually before and after. This is how it was formulated, by one of our drinking customers: “Usually, if I need 3-4 shots to get to my beyond happy condition while drinking.

Now, one to two shots do it for me, and I drink less. In the morning, I’m usually not hung over, and even if I slightly am all I have to do is just drink my Pürblack solution. After I feel good. This saves me lots of money on booze, and I’m healthier because I drink less. I still get the same amount of fun.”

At about the same time, we started to get many purchase inquiries from medical marijuana dispensaries. We refuse to sell Pürblack in these cases and immediately distanced ourselves from anything having to do with medical marijuana. Simultaneously we launched an investigation attempting to understand why dispensaries would try to purchase Pürblack resin.

It turned out that the answer lies in the roots of Ayurveda and East European holistic medicine. High-quality genuine mineral pitch (a.k.a. Shilajit, Moomiyo, etc.) was always used to amplify and harmonize botanical formulas. In simple words, make them more effective and milder. It appears that our resin has very similar effects on marijuana consumers. They smoke less with improved efficacy and better overall “feeling.”

We started looking further for the scientific explanation of these effects and found two interesting articles. One article called “Evaluation of the Anxiolytic Activity of NR-ANX-C(a Polyherbal Formulation) in EthanolWithdrawal-Induced Anxiety Behavior in Rats” demonstrated an ability of a Shilajit -based formulation to counter many negative effects of alcohol consumption in an En Vivo Study.

The second article called “Effects of Shilajit on the development of tolerance to morphine in mice.” Phytother Res. 2001;15:177-179. Showed that Shilajit was effective in developing tolerance to morphine, a substance which in its effect is somewhat similar to medical marijuana. In a nutshell, the study demonstrated that one could use less without loss of efficacy.

The beneficiaries of this Pürblack resin effect would be people who require a healthy response to alcohol or medical marijuana. It would also be persons who are trying to either use less of both substances or diminish the harmful effects thereof. It is often reported to us, that the usual “accompanying” problems of both substances are not as pronounced as they usually would be.

The body seems to be able to clear itself fast and efficient of both substances while experiencing all the benefits if any thereof.

FDA Disclaimer: The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.