Pürblack’s Fair 300-day Refund Guarantee 2018.

Pürblack will refund 100% of your purchase if the product did not work for you. We are fair to our customers and expect our customers to be honest with our company.

To take advantage of the refund, you have to consume the full jar, and document your daily consumption, without daily gaps, with date-stamped photos, with meta-data intact and short journal entries describing the change in how you feel from taking Pürblack Live Resin. You are not required to document the first week of consumption.

If you did not experience any improvements and submitted the documentation mentioned above, Pürblack will refund your purchase.

Refund FAQs

Q. Does 100% cover shipping?

A. 100% covers the full amount of money you spend on the order. It does include the price of product and shipping.

Q. Why do you offer 300 days if the jar on average lasts only 60 days?

A. Everybody is different. If some people who consume 0.5 g per day will finish the jar in 60 days, people who drink only 0.1 g will finish the jar in 300 days. We want to be fair to everybody.

Q. Why do I have to consume the whole jar and do it every day?

A. Because you will be able to see consistent results only if you take the product every day. The gap in consumption is ok between jars, and sometimes more often. But if you feel like the product is not working for you have to take it every day and sufficient quantity. Daily, uninterrupted consumption is what produces the results.

Q. Why do I have to do daily photos, date stamp them and keep the log? What does metadata have to do with it?

A. A photo – text journal is the only way for us to verify if you gave a fair chance to the resin. We are 100% confident that the resin works, but compliance is required on your part taking it daily and taking sufficient quantity. If after a week you felt that it is not working, you can start documenting. What this will result in will be a photo – text journal which will allow you to see if it worked for you. As far as metadata goes, we don’t want the dates or data in the original photos manipulated.

Q. I am concerned about privacy to do I have to show my face in the photo?

A. No. All you need to show is that you are scooping/dissolving the resin. We recommend taking a photo of the actual resin on the spoon or purscale.

Q. How fast will you issue a refund?

A. You will as soon as you submitted proof that you were taking the resin. It may take your bank several days to process the payment.