The horrors and consequences of raw food. Vegan reality or myth.

shilajit and chia diet and the raw foodism movement.

Many of these things have a real basis in reality. The agricultural system is completely out of whack; a century ago, 50% of the population was involved in food production. Nowadays it is 2%! That means there are large corporate entities controlling a majority of what goes on with our food. In this short article, I will tell you my experience about raw foodism, how it transformed and how greatful I am to have Pürblack shilajit by my side.

Forests are cut down to make room for livestock, and this livestock consumes enormous amounts of water. It also takes massive quantities of water to water the conventionally-grown grain crops that they feed to these animals. Furthermore, the toxic drugs given to these animals ends up in their excrements, which ultimately ends up in the water supply.

This scenario is where my core mediation comes in; utilizing specific strains of fungi to regenerate & heal our global environment. It’s a beautiful dance; taking Pürblack shilajit and medicinal mushrooms to heal my insides, and using other mushrooms to heal the environment. Isn’t the interconnectedness of nature cool?

However, the layers continued to deepen for me. After a year or so of being a vegan, I decided to ascend yet again to the superior realms of the raw foodies. (One thing they don’t tell you upfront is how incredibly expensive raw foodism is.) I started believing that all cooked food is poison and that even water became toxic when heated too much. The logic was simple; fire burns & destroys anything that one puts into it.

What would make food any different? If even one speck of cooked potato residue found its way into my body, I would be emotionally devastated. I would feel that the state of purity I had been working towards so relentlessly had come to a temporary halt.

It was all good though, David Wolfe’s voice reassured me that for every month on the raw food diet, you can reverse one year of cooked food poisoning. That meant I only needed to be a raw foodist for a couple of years to completely transform my body! I would wonder how exactly someone came up with such a precise equation like that.

Tea & herbs were the real snags though, as I knew heated teas & botanicals had proven health benefits. This glitch caused me to wonder what other foods might fall into the same category; who was to say? Regardless, I continued to ignore the suggestions of those around me that had far more experience with such things.

My old guru told me that he felt there was simply something in animal meat that plants did not replenish, and this was coming from someone who’d previously been a vegetarian for over 20 years. I simply wrote him off as another casualty to the inescapable clutches of cooked food addiction. With my raw foodways, I looked forward to the ultimate longevity and unlocking my dormant superpowers.

After only a few months of strict, raw foodism, it became nigh unbearable. My libido took a big hit, but I attributed this to my transcendental state. I felt I no longer had a need for animalistic activities such as sex. I thought about how a friend had told me that without animal fats, it becomes difficult for the body to generate sexual fluids.

I have heard from numerous people on the raw food diet for several years tell me that by the end of it, they had very little energy and little to no sex drive. I feel this is very significant, as sexual health directly corresponds to overall vitality. One day, I decided to eat some eggs. It had been months since I had anything cooked, and my roommate’s muscle testing determined I could eat up to eight eggs. I feel that muscle-testing ignores one’s innate intuition, but at the time was still open to trying it out the novel technique.

I cooked up the pasture-raised eggs in coconut oil and garnished it with black pepper, fresh garlic, Celtic sea salt, and three-year fermented barley miso. Immediately afterward, I could feel my body temperature increasing, eventually causing me to sweat. I felt borderline euphoric and decided to begin incorporating eggs back into my diet.

I began to eat them voraciously over the next month, ultimately deciding I was again unclean and needed to cleanse with strict raw foodism. I feel that this kind of yo-yoing is not uncommon in these sorts of experiments, especially if one has a previously existing eating disorder. I struggled with bulimia for about six months and have had vague self-image issues for quite some time.

Though, these are not uncommon problems. It is probably the lack of nutrition in these fad diets that leads to one developing a massive appetite for all the things which you deprived yourself. I am fortunate to have been taking Pürblack shilajit for at least part of my raw food journey, as it greatly assists in assimilating nutrients from food. Many people have compromised digestive tracts and are unable to break through tough cellulose walls in order to extract nutrients. I had a friend get his blood tested after several years of raw foodism and found significant amounts of undigested plant proteins.

If you engage in diets like these, taking supplements like Pürblack shilajit can greatly help Bridge whatever nutritional gaps are there in your diet. Shilajit also helps your body absorb the nutrients from the raw food you are eating so you can make the most out of them.