Peligros ocultos de exceso de jugos. Shilajit al rescate.

What kind of person would waste time chewing when it’s so easy to juice & drink all your food?! Ironically, now that I think about it, one of the leaders of the raw food movement often claimed that being on a 100% liquid diet was his ultimate goal. I feel it is important to understand the pros & cons of juiced versus whole fruits & vegetables, as well as how Pürblack can be of assistance regardless of your personal lifestyle choices.



There is little denying that juicing is an extremely healthy thing to do in moderation. I love the saying that too much medicine becomes poison, and a little poison can be medicinal. A lot of our problems in the United States have to do with excess. We throw away nearly half of all food prepared for Americans! I know from stories my homeless friend tells me that grocery stores throw away massive amounts of unopened, completely edible food. With juicing, the problem of excess manifests yet again. People tell themselves that if a little is good, then a lot must be even better. What happens in a lot of peoples’ bodies when they consume large amounts of juiced produce is the liver goes into shock. It then begins rapidly dumping large amounts of toxins into the intestines, where they are usually pushed out into the colon by dietary fiber. When people drink juice exclusively for a period of time, the lack of fiber can cause the toxins to reabsorb into the bloodstream. Ultimately, the whole ordeal ends up being a huge waste of time & money.



Fruit juice comes with a whole different set of problems. Can you imagine eating 20 oranges at once? It is virtually impossible, and probably not very healthful. Essentially, this is what you are doing when you drink orange juice. People often throw the baby out with the bathwater when discussing sugars. The bathwater in this analogy is addictive refined cane sugar, and the baby is natural sugar sources such as honey, fruit, and maple syrup. Used in moderation, these are incredibly healthful foods. However, juicing fruit can be problematic and can even contribute to diabetes if done in excess. You are essentially jolting the body with huge amounts of fructose, which causes a spike and then drop in insulin levels. Over time, this can cause far-reaching health problems.



Besides having fiber that enhances intestinal health, whole fruits & veggies intuitively seem like better, more sustainable option for long term consumption. People often cite juicing and its advocates as being elitists, and with good reason. We have such an abundance of veggies that we can’t even figure out what to do with them all, so why not juice them? Yet, there are so many people in the world who don’t even have access to clean drinking water, much less fresh produce. This would be a good time to feel vibrations of gratitude for living in such an incredible, abundant place.



Whether you are a juice lover or a vegetable enthusiast, Pürblack will allow you to assimilate more nutrients from whatever it is you are eating & drinking. Pürblack supersedes the quality of all shilajit resins that have come before it, so rest assured when you go with us your body is getting nothing but the very best!