NoDAPL. Purblack in solidarity with others.


    In Pürblack we firmly believe in respect for human rights, in alternative energies with minimum carbon residues and a state free of violence sanctioned by the state against any peaceful demonstration.

    The reason why Pürblack live resin exists is to help human beings achieve optimal health and well-being through the use of our live resin (elite resin, high purity and high efficacy for human consumption, also known as shilajit , mumie., etc.).

    Air pollution and global warming represent a serious continuing threat to the formation of raw material used worldwide for the production of resins such as Pürblack, Shilajit and Mumie. Air and water pollution triggered by the use of petrochemical products and oil spills contributes to many diseases, including cancer, and represents a considerable emotional and financial burden for all families in the world and Latin America.

    In DAPL (Dakota Access Pipeline) the resistance led by the American Indians is trying to stop the construction of a pipeline that will jeopardize the source of water for the Sioux population of Standing Rock and 8 million people living in the lands of The lower part of the river. These people fight for a better environment, air, water and first amendment rights. People from all over the country came to Standing Rock to support peaceful protests and support the health of future American generations. However, the protesters were brutally injured, subjected to physical violence and prevented from exercising their first rights to the amendment.

    Pürblack will stay away from politics. The people who trust us and provide funds in our company are conservative and liberal. We respect the opinion and freedom of all. America is about freedom and responsibility.

    Pürblack joins the protest to support the environment for generations to come and the exercise of Human Rights specifically the rights of the first amendment. We are doing this for your well-being and freedom.

    Pürblack will contribute to:

    1. 100% of the proceeds from the sales of Pürblack’s live resin, which our clients allow us to donate to #nodapl, will be donated to the protest. (All you need to do is after you have bought us a bottle to inform us that you want the funds to be donated to #nodapl. Through the contact form on our site , please let us know your order number and expressly indicate that you want all the money to be donated to #nodapl). This action is valid as of December 1, 2016 and will remain valid until #nodapl is an urgent problem.

    2. Pürblack will reserve and provide free of charge up to 250,000 of our resin for medical camp, veterans and Standing Rock and anyone injured in Standing Rock.

    Esto hará que los Protectores del Agua sean más fuertes, les incrementara su resistencia al estrés, les ayudara a regenerar su cuerpo más rápido y eficientemente.

    3. Pürblack suministrará a Sophia Wilansky, 21 con la resina Viva Pürblack sin cargo durante un año. Sophia es una verdadera heroína estadounidense, que estaba pacíficamente en las líneas del frente y casi le volaron el brazo con una granada de concusión lanzada contra ella. Haremos lo mismo con cualquier manifestante, que resultó gravemente herido en las protestas de Standing Rock.  Esto ayudará a Sophia y a otros a sanar su organismo y volver a estar sanos y fuertes de nuevo.

    Primero de diciembre de 2016

    Pürblack – Adaptive Energy LLC

    Director ejecutivo

    Nodari Rizun

    PS We express our deepest gratitude to our clients, friends, suppliers, distributors and the numerous medical professionals for their support to #nodapl endeavor. Without your purchases, discounts, kind words, this project would not be possible from a spiritual and financial point of view. Our special thanks to our dearest and friendliest competitors that were and inspiration for this project. Many of you wish to remain anonymous, fearing for your business. However, our gratitude for everything they do is unlimited.