Ventas internacionales. Pürblack está disponible en la mayoría de los países.


Pürblack will ship the resin to most countries. It is more convenient to purchase our Live Resin from approved distributors.

Due to high level of counterfeit products on the market it is safe to purchase only from Pürlack directly at

or only from Authorized online distributors below.

CONSUMER WARNING: Do no purchase Pürblack Live Resin online from any private parties or companies not on the list above or cleared in writing by Pürblack.  If you think that you got a counterfeit product (Pürblack, or any brand of Shilajit or Mumie) email us a photo of the jar bottom and label, please include details on where you the product the product. We take safety and authenticity very seriously and will initiate an investigation within 6 hours from getting a complaint. Please include your name, email address, contact phone number and details of purchasing the jar. Pürblack Live Resin does not sell online or retail in India, Pakistan, China, Russia or North Korea.


Worldwide, North America, Australia, Japan
support: [email protected]
phone: +1(323) 982-8685
support in English and German

support: [email protected]
phone: +1(855) 946-9473
support in English language

European Union, Middle East and North Africa
support: [email protected]
phone: +(33) 650-364-128
support in English, German and French languages

Switzerland and United Kingdom
[email protected]
phone: +41-(22) 361-3252
support in English, French and German languages