Choose your Mineral Pitch, Shilajit, or Moomiyo Wisely

not all shilajit are created equal.

There are a few points that are wise to consider and investigate, prior to choosing a Mineral Pitch product. It does not really matter if it is called Mineral Pitch, Shilajit, Mumie, Salajeet, etc.

We already wrote in previous articles, that the majority of Shilajit and Mumie on the market is fake. So initially there are various “Red Flags” to watch out for when choosing the resin for your consumption.

The first and major “Red Flag” is if your Shilajit is a powder, capsule or comes in a powdered or liquid blend. We already featured an extensive article on powdered imitation products. You can review it at Powdered fakes. Fabricated Shilajit, Mumie and Salajeet. It is most likely that the powder, capsule or blend you are considering will be either completely fake or hiding failures and excipients.

If you are looking at the Resin that is still many questions to ask to ensure that you get a genuine and high-quality product. Below, we explain what these questions are and why they are important:

1. Does the manufacturer or merchant feature a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis featuring Authenticity and Safety parameters?

Resin imitations are not as common as the powdered ones. Nevertheless, since the launch of Pürblack shilajit, we see more low-quality and imitation resins entering the market. Such Resins lack proper merits and documentation proving safety and authenticity. The number one hotspot of low quality resin is currently Nepal. To our best knowledge, Nepalese Shilajit is often shipped into the United States bypassing the FDA’s prior notice system and having high levels of contaminants, which can be harmful to human health.

Certificate of Analysis (also known as CoA)  is a document that describes levels of contaminants and authenticity data of a particular product. It is usually an “extension” of lab tests conducted on a particular substance. The problem with resins without either comprehensive CoA is, that it is not possible to verify what the material is. Moreover, the manufacturer dodges any responsibility by not providing a verifiable certificate of analysis.

2. Does the manufacturer feature independent lab tests?

Featuring a certificate of analysis is the first step in the transparency of Mineral Pitch Resin (Shilajit, Mumie, Salajeet, etc.). Nevertheless, sometimes Certificates of Analysis are forged to make the product look “desirable.” In order to feature a Certificate of Analysis one must subject the Resin to multiple tests in a laboratory. The merchant /manufacture should never “hide” the lab, which conducted the tests on the substance. If the tests were performed in the lab owned by the manufacturer/merchant, such fact must be transparent.

The manufacturer/merchant should always be willing to get on the phone with you and call the lab in your presence.

3. Is the manufacturer/merchant openly disclosing their contact details? Such as business name, address, email and ideally the phone number.

Mineral Pitch (Shilajit, Mumie, Salajeet, etc.) is a complex and often fabricated material. The merchant/manufacturer should be transparent to inquiries and should be willing to openly discuss the product. A company should never be hiding behind just a “send us a message” box on their website. As a customer, you should be able to get in touch with a legitimate business via email, mail or by phone. The company should be willing in such case to communicate openly and transparently talking about their Shilajit or any other Resin type.

4. Is the merchant/manufacturer domiciled in the United States or Canada (country of your domicile)?

It is often the case that Shilajit in particular and other types of Mineral Pitch are sold on internationally operating websites such as Amazon, eBay, Ali Baba, etc. Nevertheless, the international merchants selling their products on these sites, can not be held liable under the laws of United States and Canada. The products usually do not comply with the safety requirements under laws of US. These products are usually cheaper and are labeled as Shilajit, Mumie or Mineral Pitch. But in reality they are often fabrications, which are dangerous to human health.

We see this with Shilajit from Nepal.  Nepalese Shilajit is very inexpensive, but even according to the Manufacturer’s Certificates of Analysis the level of Lead in such resin is beyond what is considered reasonable and safe. For example, we have recently obtained a certificate of analysis from a major Nepalese Shilajit manufacturer, where the Lead ppm equals 4.95. The manufacturer is willing to mail the “Shilajit” into the United States and not concerned with the legal requirement to file an FDA prior notice with the corresponding certificate of analysis. What is worse, is that the product is widely resold on Ayurvedic websites suggesting doses anywhere from 0.5-1 g per day, which exceeds what is called a  “safe harbor” for heavy metals. The test does not feature microbiology for the Staphylococcus infection, which is an absolute must for Mineral Pitch.

So when purchasing from international merchants/manufacturers not subjected to US safety laws and regulations you are never guaranteed quality, authenticity, and safety.

5. Is the manufacturer/merchant willing to openly and transparently discuss the quality of their product?

As we mentioned in item 3 of this article, you should be able to contact the merchant/manufacturer and discuss any questions or concerns about their Resin. What happens often is that merchants will market aggressively but will not be ready to openly talk about product quality, authenticity issues, differences versus competitors, compliance with US laws and any other questions which may come up. Merchants will often refuse to match their lab results with competitors, which is a major “Red Flag.”

6. Can the manufacturer/merchant clearly explain the differences between their product and the competing one?

Pürblack constantly monitors manufacturers of genuine mineral pitch resin worldwide, especially those selling their products in the United States and Canada. Currently, there are about three reputable and visible manufacturers of genuine mineral pitch resin servicing the United States and Canada. All these companies are well aware of each other and know each other’s products and “marketing gimmicks.” Any merchant/manufacturer should clearly be able to explain to you the differences between theirs and a competing product. This includes quality and testing thereof, justification of price, explain the benefits and explain differences, which could be substantial.

If the manufacturer is not willing to clearly explain the differences between their product and the competing one and does not pass all the question tests mentioned above-it is a “Red Flag.”

7. Is the manufacturer not evasive and does everything the manufacturer/merchant says makes sense?

If the answer is yes to question number seven and all of the above. It is a good idea to give the manufacturer/merchant a try or maybe even compare them with their competitor who passed the same test.

FINALLY, if you got the genuine Resin from such manufacturer and followed all the instructions the manufacturer/merchant recommended-GAUGE HOW YOU FEEL AFTER TAKING THE RESIN CONSISTENTLY FOR COUPLE WEEKS. If you noticed the benefits the manufacturer/merchant claimed you found an excellent supplier of Mineral Pitch Resin.

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