The Blue-Green Algae For Cleansing Caffeine Addiction.

shilajit afa blue green algae

Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) is a mind-blowing, incredibly unique blue-green algae from Klamath Lake in Oregon. It is somewhat similar to spirulina but is much more efficient in enhancing cognition, focus, mood, & intellect. The algae have a very impressive nutrient profile, rich in chlorophyll, B vitamins, phycocyanin, beta-carotene, phenylethylamine, and trace amounts of the omega-3’s DHA & EPA. It is also between 50-60% complete protein. The applications of Pürblack with this unusual organism from the depths of Klamath Lake are exhilarating to ponder.

First and foremost, I find AFA with shilajit to be the number one solution for beating addiction to caffeine. The intensely energizing properties of superior quality Pürblack combines with & catalyzes the AFA into the stratosphere. A balanced, focused state of mind replaces the typical lethargy associated with caffeine withdrawal; I become overcome by a deep upwelling of motivation & bliss. I did not realize how drastically a ‘benign’ substance like caffeine was affecting my quality of life until I got off of it (I suppose this is the case with many addictions). I enjoy the normalization of circadian rhythms that comes with consistent supplementation of Pürblack; waking with the sunrise and become sleepy at sunset. Caffeine was throwing a monkey wrench in this beautiful, natural cycle.

Another fantastic use of AFA with Pürblack is for fasting, appetite suppression, & detoxification. Virtually every flavor of religion in the world embraces one form of fasting or another and is well known to have many healing effects on the body. In modern society, many of us are in constant feast mode, never allowing our bodies a minute to catch up. Fasting helps the body to burn stored glucose, ketones, and fat, and also to eliminate unnecessary or malfunctioning white blood cells. It’s similar to a cargo plane considerably lightening its load. The thing is fasting can be exceedingly difficult to adhere to; it takes an incredible amount of self-discipline.

Not only does Pürblack aid in maintaining proper blood sugar levels while fasting (as well as enhancing deep detoxification), but the AFA & shilajit amalgamate to suppress the appetite for several hours. This effect is partly due to the abundance of essential nutrients in AFA (that the shilajit aids in assimilating) and also partially due to the presence of phenylethylamine. Think of phenylethylamine as nature’s amphetamine; it burns fat due to its ability to encourage catecholamine release, as well as delaying the reuptake. Phenylethylamine is also a powerful mood-booster, which is excellent as sometimes I get rather crabby during fasting. Can you see how AFA and Pürblack create a self-sustaining vortex of healing energy that perpetually spirals upward & outward?

Of course, there are skeptics to AFA and claim that it is toxic. It is just important to make sure you are getting a brand that is rigorously testing for microcystins, and that they fall below .5ppm. There are skeptics that claim the cognitive boost received from AFA are due to the presence of anatoxins, poisons that act on the human CNS. I have read conflicting reports, stating that species of Aphanizomenon that produce these toxins do not form colonies, ergo the variety available on the market may not even be a species that produces anatoxins. Ultimately, further research is desperately needed. Until then, I will stick with my tried & true method of determining efficacy – self-experimentation. Eat the substance and see how I feel; although this method is not approved by scientists, it works for me.

AFA and shilajit put me in my happy place for the entirety of the day; colors gain more vibrancy, and my attitude is unusually positive. Pürblack acts as a grounding agent, connecting my with myself & the Earth. The AFA then stretches my energy across to the other end of the spectrum, allowing me to experience the full range of emotional colors in all my interactions that day. Surely these sorts of endeavors into the obscure realms of botanical synergism are the new-age way to catch a buzz and be healthy no less. Take Pürblack with Aphanizomenon and experience a healing phenomenon!