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Do superior yoga with Pürblack shilajit.

Pürblack + Yoga = Superior Yoga

Pürblack substantially improves yoga practice. It enhances core stability, stamina, tissue recovery, calms and focuses the mind and body.

shilajit extraction is a delicate process

Fake Shilajit in Blends and Tinctures.

Shilajit or mumie on the label, in a blend or tincture, does not mean that there is genuine shilajit present. Learn how to spot counterfeits in blends and how to identify red flags.

shilajit scam

Identifying Powdered Mineral Pitch/Shilajit Fakes

Shilajit powder is the most prevalent form of counterfeits. If you ever consumed shilajit as powder or a capsule most likely it was a fake. Learn how to identify powdered counterfeits and how to identify red flags.