Adios Amazon. Pürblack divorcing Amazon.

This blog post represents a strong personal opinion, our company and it’s CEO position regarding  Amazon and it’s business practices.

WHY WE EXIST. We were mistaken.
Pürblack exists to serve our customers with the best shilajit resin in the world. Pürblack Live Resin stands for innovation, higher quality, better health and always being there for our customers.

The biggest mistake we ever did, was going on putting our resin and giving access to our loyal customers to Amazon. We firmly believe that it is time to terminate a relationship with an Unethical Crook, which seems to be driven greed for profit and exploitation of others. The way many of our customers and their honest reviews were treated, the way we as a brand were treated – warrants action on our end.

This process will not happen overnight it will probably take some time, but in this text, we very clearly outline what will happen and how our customers will benefit. We also describe why we are divorcing from Amazon over time.

In July 2018, Amazon wiped 100% of our 460 reviews. The overwhelming majority of these reviews were Amazon verified reviews from real customers who purchased the product. This preceded with a similar situation in 2016 when we had over 700 Amazon compliant reviews wiped. All the reviews were collected in compliance with Amazon’s rules.

Since we started on Amazon in 2014, we lost over 1000 reviews due to Amazon’s manipulations. In our opinion, wiping reviews and neglecting its own rules Amazon is no better than a thief who steals from a hard working person. In this case, we believe that it is our identity which was stolen.

Amazon has a habit of “returning” the returned the product to us fully used up and making us absorb the cost. Amazon “discarded” a substantial amount of product in the UK warehouses, without our permission. Until now we don’t know if the product really was “destroyed” or used for some other purposes.

When our customers leave an honest Amazon review, they hope that their voice will be heard, they do it as an act of gratitude and recognition for the brand they like. When their reviews are wiped it is lying to them that about their voices being heard, being members of the community, it is lying that they matter. It is taking their identity away.

In 2016 a competing seller on Amazon threatened us in writing with negative reviews, destruction of Pürblack brand and personal consequences to the CEO. This was the same seller from Pakistan who started a business on Amazon, with stolen copyrighted imagery which belonged to our company.

When we reported this illegal activity on Amazon, they refused to act or interfere in any way. On the contrary, we believe that they sided with a bully, and suspended our Amazon account several times and allowed negative reviews to be used against Pürblack.

Multiple appeals to Amazon customer support (Seller support), do not produce results. Generally get a generic non-believable response, from which it is not clear what is Amazon doing to fix the wrong done upon us.

Many responses from Amazon come without a signature of a person responding. So It is impossible to identify who is behind the process.

Writing to the Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos did not produce any results at all. The last email we sent to him simply disappeared somewhere in the Amazon servers.

Amazon is a prosperous company along with its founder Jeff Bezos. The company’s wealth is only possible due to making money from Amazon sellers and buyers. The incredible wealth is accumulated by taking advantage of brands like ours and our customers.

In the meanwhile, some Amazon employees have to work in bad work conditions and well as rely on federal and state programs funded by the taxpayers.

Pürblack cannot be a part of what we see as crooked, unjust and evil. We can not be a part of a system which we see as corrupt, unjust and greedy. We also will not be giving our energy to Amazon. We pledge:

1. To not launch any new high-end, innovative shilajit products on Amazon.
2. Minimize our business with Amazon and eventually shut it down.
3. Give our customers an alternative platform to express their opinions freely.
4. Inspire more businesses to exit Amazon and use the savings for the good of the planet and the production of innovative health and earth-friendly product.
5. Provide full support to any of our customers who were done wrong by Amazon.

If Amazon took advantage of you similar to us, please let us know. We’ll look for a way to help you and making the facts public. Please, let us know if you ever received an opened Pürblack from Amazon, or if Amazon ever wiped your review or You can contact us here:

19 August 2018
Nodari Rizun
Pürblack – Adaptive Energy LLC
P.S. This blog post is free speech. It is protected by the First Amendment to the US constitution. It represents a deeply held conviction, an opinion, and results from experience and observation.