Shilajit Overdose: Is Too Much Dangerous?

Overdosing on anything will inevitably lead to health problems. Even with food, overeating, which is akin to overdosing on macronutrients, will lead to obesity, creating a cocktail of complications that might lead to a miserable life. Overdosing health supplements is a common problem that has sent some people to the emergency room, but why is …

The Origins & Discovery of Shilajit

For more than three thousand years, shilajit otherwise known as mumijo or mineral pitch has been venerated as an elixir in traditional health practices such as Unani, Siddha, and Ayurveda, particularly known for its regenerating and stabilizing properties. Use in Indigenous Health Practices In archaic writings, Vaidyas and Hakims have touted its powers and given …

Purity of Shilajit

Anything can be faked or imitated these days. Coveted products from popular brands, gadgets, electronics, jewelry — name anything, and there is a fake version of it somewhere. The health supplement market is no different. In fact, this $32 billion industry is full of fakes and imitations.  Companies operate unpoliced, and online selling is virtually …

Pürscale. Saves time, resin, always proper dose.

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Shilajit Powder

Shilajit powder is the most common for of shilajit counterfeit. Usually make of ground up rock and soil, it will never come close to the quality of genuine shilajit or mumie resin.