Sleep. improved and adaptable

Pürblack promotes a different sleep quality and experience. In comparison to traditional holistic sleeping aids, it has a multidirectional effect on the quality of sleep and wake states of the body. Improved sleep is usually one of the first things one notices while taking Pürblack.

Pürblack shows adaptogenic effects not only on the quality of sleep, but also on how the body and mind handles sleep deprivation and frequent disturbances of the natural sleep-wake cycle.
Individuals to benefit from the Pürblack effect on healthy sleep and wake cycle are the ones, who:

• Need healthy sleep support due to irregular sleep patterns
• Need healthy sleep support due to stress at work and in personal lives (executives, intense creative types and restless personalities)
• Require fast and improved adaptation of sleep patterns due to frequent location changes traveling (jet lagers, frequent flyers, world travelers)

• Temporarily cut or cannot afford sufficient amounts of healthy sleep but need to “function” and counter sleep deprivation
Most people in about 3 to 7 days of consistent Pürblack use notice the following:
• Going to sleep becomes more natural and usually coincides with the surrounding natural light or darkness
• Sleep is more sound and restful

• It is easier to “sleep off” stress and pressures of the day
• It is easier to fall asleep and maintain restful sleep naturally at new locations
• If the body is substantially depleted, was missing sleep for a long time and stressed, the amount of restorative sleep increases (and it should never be resisted or countered with stimulants like caffeine or drugs)

• If the sleep is temporarily missing it is possible to function close to normal during the day and not experience some aspects of sleep deprivation

There are absolutely no studies on the relation of mineral pitch resins, shilajit or mumie and either healthy sleep or circadian rhythm modulation. Pürblack as an elite mineral pitch resin, which supersedes most resins in range of effect, effectiveness and potency often demonstrates properties, which are not necessarily associated to traditional mineral pitch resins known as Shilajit, Moomiyo or Salajeet.

At this point, we can only hypothesize, why substantial sleep and wake improvements are observed. Most likely, they have to do with improved homeostasis, supported healthy brain function and adaptogenic effects of the resin.We must add to this that sleep is a vital function of a healthy human body.

We do not recommend or encourage intentional or unintentional sleep deprivation, which could be dangerous and detrimental to a quality of life. Unfortunately, the modern lifestyle is the one of lacking sleep and rest. Neither Pürblack nor any genuine mineral pitch resin (Shilajit or Moomiyo) is not a sleep panacea.

It is a nutritional supplement, which is meant to support a healthy, improved and adaptable sleep and wake cycles and make your sleep more naturally.
FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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